Take the Kids! by Capt Stephen Boriskie

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Growing up on the Texas coast near Galveston I was fortunate that my dad and mom believed in getting us kids out on the water whether it was fresh or salt and having us experience the wonder of God’s creation of the lakes and bays of the South. I will never forget the excitement and anticipation of knowing we were going to walk the jetties or drive up to Lake Somerville and get out on the water for the weekend. Sometimes we would stay in a motel and other times we would get to stay at my cousins places but then the coolest trips were those we got to camp out and spend the weekend exploring campgrounds, boat ramps and shorelines.

Our kids are almost grown now and I don’t know that we continued these traditions with them that I was able to grow up with. Maybe there were times of the same wonder and excitement but I’m really not sure. I will tell you one thing for sure, if they don’t remember the times or it was unclear I will surely make it up with our grand children when the time comes. Fast forward 10 years from now and I bet if you ask them their favorite times with Pops they will tell you how much fun it is fishing with him, being a Captain and all.

Search your own life and relationships with your loved ones right now and maybe there are opportunities around you that you can do something about. Maybe it’s a work in progress or the kids just aren’t ready but hopefully if you give them some time and let it come naturally they will come around and want to be a part of the thing that makes you tick. The only way to perpetuate this sport of fishing and the love of the great outdoors is to pass it on to those in our lives. Personally I plan for our kids to be taking me fishing (and catching fish by the way) when I’m well into my 80s. My own dad is in his mid 80s right now and I try to get him dow to fish as often as I can and his schedule allows. The greatest gift we can give to our young people is our passion. Try passing it down and see if it doesn’t turn someone’s life around or make them a better person. Kid’s are so open to new ideas and fun times and they like nothing more than to model their mom and dad, their grandmother and grandad, or their uncle Stephen. Capitalize on these moments because they are precious and cannot be reborn. Make the most out of your time with those you can reach out and touch and take them out on the water. Stories of long ago are great and cherished but imagine yourself as that person you are introducing the outdoors to and then realize that they are just trying to be like you, the fun, exciting, great story teller that you are and that they can’t wait to tell their friends about and to later share with their own children.

Capt Stephen Boriskie
Bay Flats Lodge

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