Madeline Bourg Named Citizen of the Year

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Citizen of the Year, Madeline Bourg, and some of her family members.

Citizen of the Year, Madeline Bourg, and some of her family members.

The Port O’Connor Service Club is proud to announce the deserving recipient of 2017 Citizen of the Year is Madeline Bourg. Madeline serves tirelessly in our community. She is a lay leader at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, she has jobs of many descriptions and is well known for her sacrificial giving.

Madeline is a standout worker in every project the Service Club undertakes. The linen department at each garage sale is organized and beautifully sorted under Madeline’s able direction. When she was awarded this honor at this year’s luncheon, she was directing the kitchen and had to be made to leave her post to be recognized.

She was surprised to find more than 20 of her family members including children, grandchildren, her husband of 41 years and seven of her siblings present to help honor her. Madeline is number 11 of 13 POC Hawes children. Madeline has two daughters, three sons and five grandchildren. She has an array of friends from her many areas of service in our community. Madeline works at the POC Hardware Store and is quick to make you feel special when you come in.

After Hurricane Harvey, she was the support to Danny Bourg and the linemen crew who worked so tirelessly to restore power to our community. She not only cooked for those hard-working linemen, but many had hot food and dry clothes and a little rest because of her labor.

Madeline is devoted to family, to her faith and to our community. Several guests at the luncheon where she was honored shared stories and gave account of her generous heart and giving spirit. Friends told of her support during loss of loved ones, delicious food cooked and brought to their homes and countless community events, her hard work added to numerous jobs that made the work much easier and other times she went above and beyond to be a neighbor and a friend.

Her family recounted cute, funny and touching tales of her also. Her daughter April stated that Madeline’s mother Clara Hawes was well known for her kindness and generosity, but stated that her mother has filled those shoes and more. April says that her mother Madeline is the best role model, the perfect mother and grandmother and she could not have asked for more.

Her sister-in-law Joyce stated Madeline was the most positive person and always gave generously never asking anything in return, and that Madeline always keeps everything on track in their big and busy family making sure that everyone has presents at Christmas and support in tough times.

Daughter Lesley said her mother’s faith is unwavering, no matter how evil our world may seem or how hopeless things may become. Lesley said Madeline’s quiet faith stays firm and sees her through. Lesley also said she was her mom’s favorite child, but her loving caring mom never let her siblings know because she loves them all so. (she also said she is the favorite no matter what the others might tell me!)

Club members say Madeline loves to laugh and never fails to help when asked. Madeline Bourg is a friend, a servant, a woman of faith, a mom, wife, sister, grandmother and coworker that commands respect and love, a hard worker, a community leader and a selfless giver.

We congratulate her on being named POC Service Club Citizen of the Year 2017. We are blessed to call her one of our own.

-Kelly Gee

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