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Happy New Year!

The “War on Christmas” seems to be over, and Christmas won! In a poll, 65% of Americans chose “Merry Christmas” to only 28% for “Happy Holidays”. Pro-Trumpers voted 86% to 11% for Christmas, and even the Anti-Trumpers voted 52% to 40% for Merry Christmas”!

The “Trump Dossier” was a hoax, ordered and paid for by Hillary’s Campaign and the DNC. If it was used to secure the FISA Warrant to wire-tap the Trump Headquarters and to create the Mueller Investigation, all info gathered, if any, is “fruit of a poisoned tree”. Mueller’s “Special Prosecutor Investigation”, costing about $1.2 million/month, has been described as “irredeemably compromised” by the bias in the FBI and DoJ. It has been revealed to be more a huge cover-up of criminal acts by Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and many senior people in the Obama administration, than any “investigation”.

Even Donna Brazile, long time Democrat activist, explained in her book HACK, how after the 2012 election, Obama left the DNC with $24 million in debt, and Hillary traded her help in raising money for complete control of the DNC. She used it to suit herself, and her boundless ambition, with no regard for the law. The DNC is now in shambles, no security, IT scandals, debt, $84 Million ‘stolen’ from 32 State Democrat Parties, and surrounded by the threat of FEC & criminal investigations. The real ‘Election Stealing’ was first Hillary & Friends in the DNC stealing the Primary from the Bernie Babies, and then the Lefty Lib Media trying to give the General Election to Hillary and the Democrats, by pushing the phony dossier, but it didn’t work. And the real “Russia Collusion” was Hillary selling Uranium One to the Russians. We need a honest investigation, clean out the crooks and dead wood, stop the bickering and try to get over all the divisiveness. We need an American Democrat Party, not this phony Democrat Socialist Party, run by, and for self-appointed Elitists.

Trump was far from the “Ideal Candidate” for many Conservative Christian Conservatives of the Republican Party, but common sense, pragmatism, and telling the truth about Washington politics won in a majority of states. President Trump’s first year improvement in our Economy has been impressive. Especially considering the total Resistance of the Democrats, RINOs, and other assorted Anti-Trumpers. The GDP was projected to be “impossible” to get above 1.5%, but Trump has created such confidence that it has grown to some 3.5-4%. The stock-market rocketed to “First Presidential Year” gains unequaled. New Private Sector jobs are up, unemployment is down (even for Minority Youth), and more Americans are working than ever before. Food Stamp use has declined. Illegal Immigration declined drastically (for a while), and deportation of illegals has increased in spite of “Liberals” and their “activist Judges” fighting Trump’s policies at every point. IRS collections increased because more Americans were working and paying taxes. After the Tax Cuts, many workers received bonuses, and companies announced expansion plans. This increased economic activity was based on the expectations of tax cuts, reduced Govt interference, and consumer confidence in Trump. Now that Trump has repealed many of Obama’s Executive Orders and signed the Tax Cuts Bill, there will be a greater increase in economic activity and GDP growth. People will start noticing, even Democrats. The ‘Obama Economy’ was a failure. And a nasty little fact that never got mentioned is if the GDP growth does not exceed inflation, the economy is SHRINKING for the folks that don’t have a Govt Job. The outlook now is very good, housing prices are rising and new building permits are being issued. But we need to drastically limit immigration, and stop illegals until Americans are fully employed. Because it is estimated that 4 million American kids will be turning 18 every year and will need jobs.

All this in the face of the Deep State Resistance determined to destroy him. Compare their tactics. Soon after Obama was elected, the Fed dropped their interest rates to ZERO% to allow member banks to borrow and lend at very low rates, and left it there for 8 years. Soon after Trump was elected, they raised it to 1%. This created a $200 Billion extra expense to the Federal budget, for interest on the $20 Trillion Federal Debt left by Obama. In Obama’s first year he increased the Federal Debt by $1,684 Billion (from $10.627 Trillion to $12,311 Trillion), or 15.9%. And that was with 0% interest paid by the Fed. Trump reduced govt spending so that even with the new $200 Billion interest expense, his deficit was $546 billion or a 2.7% increase. Less than projected even before the Fed rate hike.

Now it is up to the County and State Democrat Parties to take their Party back from the International Socialists & Elitists, or form a new one. The Obama “Change” to massive uncontrolled immigration to ensure his socialist takeover has failed. Hopefully then we can return to some Pro-American and Pro-Economic Progress instead of Socialist-Progressive hysteria. First we must control our borders, then start re-building our infrastructure, our military, and an “America First” attitude in dealing with foreign competitors and potential enemies.

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Bill Brayshaw

The “Schumer Shutdown” is going to backfire on the Dems. The “Dreamer” scam is the Dem/Soc plan to change the demographics of the US into a socialist country. Their idea of a “Clean DACA bill” is eligibility for citizenship. And since they have all lived in the US for 5 years, they only need to pass the written test. Instant Dem/Soc voters is how the Dems count them.
And the Awful Truth is the 800,000 signed up as DACAs are only the tip of the iceberg, there are 3.6 Million in the age group. The other 2.8 did not sign-up for DACA. The Dems want the whole group included.
These Instant Citizens will immediately get Amnesty for their parents, siblings, grand-parents, and “fiances”. This is why Chain-Migration must be stopped. Many people pointed out that the 800,000 DACA’s would result in some 3.5 – 4 million “new legal permanent residents” (all eligible for Welfare); but the AWFUL TRUTH is 3.6 Million “DACA Eligible” will equal more like 15 – 20 Million “new Legal Permanent Residents”. Many who have been here more than 5 years, and if the rules are written (or interpreted) loose enough could be eligible to apply for citizenship. And those “New Citizens” can bring in their relations.
The Dems want to turn the USA into California.
This why many of out Black and Hispanic citizens are now realizing why Illegal Immigration must be controlled. The new “Trump Economy” is booming, employment is up, and the last thing we need is 20 million more people competing for jobs. And Welfare. All voting for Dem Socialists.

January 20th, 2018 at 8:51 am
Bill Brayshaw

The DACAs are the big losers on this “Shumer Shutdown”. The ones that signed up should have taken the deal offered.
Because the whole DACA deal is unconstitutional from the beginning.
The Constitution clearly states that the Congress has the power to set immigration laws. The President signs the laws and then the following Presidents have the responsibility to enforce the laws. The Radical Leftists in the Democrat Party wanted more illegal aliens, so Obama stopped enforcing the existing laws. When Congress refused to pass the “laws” the Dems wanted to give residency and citizenship to children of Illegals, Obama created DACA by Executive Order. That was un-Constitutional! He usurped a Power specifically given to Congress. Nobody called him on it because controlled Congress, the Media, the Dept of Justice, and pretty much the Supreme Court.
Now, if the Trump Administration takes the DACA decision to SCOTUS, even with Kagan, Sotomayor, & Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Court will have to rule that DACA is UNLAWFUL by the Constitution because it is plainly written.
No more argument about DACA or citizenship for children of Criminal Invaders. Maybe even get a CORRECT INTERPRETATION of the 14th Amendment that Criminal Invaders are NOT “under US Jurisdiction” and therefore their children, even born in the USA are not 14th Amendment “citizens”.
Get rid of the false “Anchor Baby” nonsense.
Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg can still read, and if challenged by a good lawyer will have to agree that the “President” can not lawfully dictate Immigration Policy. Correcting the 35+ years of the intentional Leftist-Lib “mis-interpretation” of the 14th Amendment might be a little tougher. The Federal Courts won’t want to admit they have been lying to the Citizens for 1/3 of a century. And getting away with it.

January 20th, 2018 at 9:19 am
Bill Brayshaw

I expect the Trolls will have even bigger fits over my Comments.
I started out the New Year trying to be somewhat “conciliatory” for the local Democrats, especial loyal Democrat Voters that are being systematically screwed over by their National Party. And Hillary stealing money that should have gone to State Parties for Democrat Candidates in State Elections. But the Dem/Soc DNC is “By any means necessary” for their Federal wins, and that means More Money for More TV to propagandize the innocent, ignorant, and un-informed.
And they would do much better if they chose candidates that really represented the Ideals of a Democrat Party rather than an Internationalist, Socialist Party run by Elitists and crooks.
I believe we need a “Democrat Party”, just not this anti-American one, to balance the “Republican Party” that has quite a few Internationalists and Elitists of its own. We are trying to get back to a Constitutional party on both sides. But the Dem/Socs have their own Agenda. And it is starting to come out and unravel. The “Deep State” or the “Professional UniParty” is about to be exposed for its crimes and many will probably go to jail. The FBI Memo on the phony Trump Dossier is just the beginning.

January 20th, 2018 at 10:25 am

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