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Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 25 May 11 - 0 Comments

Amazing morning! Tears of joy, gratitude, love, pride, and some sadness as we saw the sacrifice..and the noise of PRIDE & GRATITUDE & LOVE is deafening! The ability to personally touch, shake hands, thank, show love to these brave heroes who we met at the dock was a true gift. God blessed those few hours this morning, as He has this entire endeavor. Thank You!
–Julie O’Keefe Yost

My hubby arrived yesterday (from Colorado). He said he got to ride on the back of a motorcycle. He just put his cane over his lap. He was so excited!!! Thank you for this. He has a brain injury but I know he’ll never fully forget this weekend!
-Tammi Banning-Mcvey

Thank You so much for what you are doing for our heroes. My husband is there this weekend and has said he is being treated like the president and is having a wonderful time already :) It’s nice that they can feel appreciated too.
-Deborah Vela

Thank you, thank you for what you are doing for our heroes. I think this is the first time my son has felt appreciated since he was med-evacced from Afghanistan.
–Diane Clewell

I have been getting update text’s from my husband who is there all day long. He is so overwhelmed. Thank you for this!! It means so much for these soldiers to feel appreciated!!
– Annie Wood

I arrived home last night after a wonderful, weekend full of healing and fun. The people who were volunteering their time and donating their money have no idea how much they mean to me now and I want to say Thank you. You have touched my life and helped me physically as well as mentally. Its unbelievable how much each and every person there truly made me feel like they were there for me, and wanted to make sure I had the time of my life. I know there was several hundred of us but it felt very personal and I felt a very personal connection to each of you.
Thank you

Thanks to all for having my husband at your wonderful event. My hubby was so impressed at the show of support and said “By the amount of people that were out..you would have thought it was mandatory” LOL Our lives have been so different these last few years but it means the world to us when people come together and show him that they do care..THANK YOU
–Alma Jordan Hall

WOW, I can’t even begin to express or articulate how truly special this weekend was for us. Every one in the Ft Bliss group was blown away by the genuine love poured out by all of you from the Houston area, VICTORIA, TX, the small towns along the way and Port O’Connor. This is a whole lot more than a weekend fishing trip for Wounded Warriors and Vets. God Bless all you. This was an inspiring event. Thank you.
–David Coles

My son is there, he has called me several times and said he can’t begin to express what this weekend has been like. He is overwhelmed and kept saying “dad you can’t believe the way they are treating us” “wish you could see this” Thank you
–Thomas Hines

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