Seadrift Students Compete in Chemistry Challenge

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Joseph Nguyen takes first place.

Seadrift School students recently competed in “You Be the Chemist Challenge” sponsored by the Seadrift DOW Plant.  The competition exposed the students to the fascinating world of chemistry as it applies to everyday life.  Preparing for the challenge, the students learned how chemicals shape their world and developed a better understanding of chemistry concepts, their relationships, and how to apply their knowledge to both familiar and unfamiliar situations.

Seadrift Chemistry students with teacher Adam Sternadel and Principal Dwana Finster.

The challenge involved fifteen students from Seadrift School and fifteen from Cade Middle School in Victoria. The students from Seadrift School met at lunch and before school to study and review materials. On the day of competition the students traveled to Victoria and were greeted by DOW employees. The students competed in rounds with students being eliminated as rounds ends. Those competing from Seadrift School were Jeremy Montano, Robert McWherter, Trey Allen, Jacob Medina, Luke Cain, Meghan Odell, Noah Rodriguez, Victoria Reyes, Mason Clark, Corey Cunningham, Justice Cunningham, Angel Martinez, Seth Bubenik, and Joseph Nguyen. Angel Martinez ended up finishing in eighth place, Trey Allen in fifth place, and Joseph Nguyen in first place. Joseph will travel to Houston on April 28 and compete in the state meet. The winner of this meet will travel to Washington DC for the national meet.

The staff at Seadrift School is very proud of the students that took extra time to study and compete. The staff would also like to thank DOW Chemical Plant for extending this opportunity to the students.

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