The 43rd Annual Poco Bueno

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July 18 -21, 2012 – Port O’Connor, Texas

An aerial view over Caracol an hour before the boats launched starting the 43rd Poco Bueno Tournament.
Photo courtesy Jasmine Gordon, and



The yachts lining up in order to begin the boat parade on Thursday, July 19th. -Photo by Jasmine Gordon

The big boats head out to begin fishing in the annual Poco Bueno Fishing Tournament. -Photo by Bill Tigrett

Capt. Ken Porter and crew of the Dona Ken pose with their 493.5 pound, 112-inch marlin that won First Place in Poco Bueno. The big fish was caught by 18-year-old Ryan Smith. -Photo by Sue Kubecka

This 446.5 pound, 105” blue marlin was the first brought in (about 8:00 p.m. Friday night) in the Poco Bueno tournament. It was hooked by Clay Coan on Ramsey Richard’s “Hydrocarbon”, which won the prize for the first marlin caught, and was the second largest fish. At 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning, the “Cuz Your Here” came in with another blue, weighing exactly the same. Being once inch shorter than the first marlin caught, it took third place in the tournament. Carter Richards is shown with Hydrocarbon’s marlin in the above photo. - Photo by Sue Kubecka

Hydrocarbon -Photo by Sue Kubecka

Having Fun at Poco -Photo by Sue Kubecka

Waiting for the Weigh In -Photo by Sue Kubecka

Watching for the fish to come in during Poco Bueno. -Photo by Sue Kubecka





DonaKen 493.5 lbs, 112 inches
Hydrocarbon 446.5 lbs, 105 inches
Cuz We Can 446.5 lbs, 104 inches


Tucker Tales 11.0
Birdie Time 45.0


Motsumi 60.0


Master Angler

Team Mutt & Jeff
(Craig M. McDonnold, Robert Taylor) 46.35 points
Spotty Memories (Ragen Stienke, Matt Dennis) 46.30 points
Jubilee (Mike Gilbert II, David Marshall) 44.60 points


Sore Thumbs (Tom Lempa)
29.10 points
Pearland Pluggers (Scott Humphrey, Mark Idoux) 26.65 points
2 Shoulders Short (Nathan Young, Curtis Muzyka) 26.30 points


I’m Just Sayin (Lucius McCelvey, Bill Coleman) 26.45 points
Dos Vaqueros (Clay Ebner, Lewis McFadin) 25.25 points
Team Mutt & Jeff (Craig McDonnold, Robert Taylor) 23.85 points
Largest Redfish
Tom Lempa 8.35 lbs, 28 inches
Scott Humphrey 7.85 lbs, 27.75 inches
Mike Gilbert 7.55 lbs, 27.75 inches

Largest Trout

Reid Morrison 6.50 lbs, 27.25 inches
Mitchell Haddock 5.30 lbs, 24.25 inches
Nathan Young 4.86 lbs, 25.12 inches

Fly Fishing

Picafly (Monte Richardson, Trey Dyer) 28.60 points
Yetiloo (Ryan Sieders, Roy Seiders) 23.55 points
Fruitfly (Scott Mills, James Kadick) 23.40 points

Largest Redfish

Jay Winetrob 7.35 lbs, 27.875 inches
James Kadlick 6.0 lbs, 26 inches
Monte Richardson 5.50 lbs, 23.375 inches




POC Fire Department booth -Photo by Sue Kubecka

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