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Port O’Connor/Seadrift News
P.O. Box 777 – Port O’Connor, TX 77982
Joyce Rhyne, Editor
2232 Monroe, Port O’Connor

Established February 9, 1996 by Margaret Jennings.

Published third Friday of each month and distributed free of charge at local businesses.

Dolphin Talk Subscriptions: $30.00 per year.

To report news, to advertise, or for any inquiries contact Joyce Rhyne:

Phone: (361) 983-4667
Toll Free: (866) 852-5139
Alternate number: (361) 983-2043; 218-8984

Paper distribution:
Port O’Connor
Port Lavaca

About The Dolphin Talk

In case you ever wondered how this little publication came about: In the fall of 1995, Margaret Jennings, a retired English teacher, and Charlotte Graham, a real estate agent, began to discuss how this community had no way, other than posting signs at Alvin’s and Shamrock, and by word of mouth, to spread the word about fundraisers, club activities, and other happenings. They agreed it would be a good idea for Port O‘Connor to have its own paper.

I just happened to overhear Margaret asking a business person if she would advertise in a local publication if we had one. I had lived in Port O’Connor about a year, had lots of free time on my hands, and my work experience was in print shops, newspapers and magazines. So, naturally, I interjected myself into the conversation, volunteering to be the proof-reader for the paper when, and if, one was started. Read more…

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