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The period from mid May to mid June some most interesting events happen in the Mosaic that is often called History. This is the period book ended by Mothers Day and Fathers Day. In the United States we have at the end of May Memorial Day and in the next several days we have graduations […]

Some of you may have heard Vickii Scisms talk at last summer’s Indianola Celebration. It was about the Chihuahua Trail. That trail is not, as one might first think, a place to walk small dogs, but was the trail from Indianola to the city of Chihuahua Mexico. There is much to discover about that trail […]

We have been having rain and even a big wind storm shortly after April Fools day. Is it possible that Mother Nature is getting a trifle cantankerous and making her jokes slow? Rain is desirable after that long hot and dry spell we had in 2011. Rain means water in the ditches. Water in the […]

One, and only one, of the interesting things to see in the Calhoun County Museum is the Lighthouse lens that was in the Matagorda Island light house. It is a huge thing and is full of rings and ridges. That type of lens is called a Fresnel Lens and was and still is popular in […]

If you are Chinese or celebrate Chinese years, 2012 is the year of the Dragon. If you are just a plain old Calhoun County person, well maybe a history buff, this could be classed as the year of the Historical Marker. Either way that’s a pretty impressive year. I am sure you are aware that […]

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