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Discovering Seadrift, by Jasmine Gordon…

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 13 Dec 12 - 0 Comments

A Century Celebration One hundred historical years of shrimping, crabbing and fishing were all celebrated on December 1, 2012 in Seadrift. While the day of celebration has come and gone; it shall be documented as one of the most important on Seadrift’s timeline. “It was a good day for Seadrift,” said Joyce Amason, president of […]

Discovering Seadrift, by Jasmine Gordon……

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 15 Nov 12 - 0 Comments

Celebrating Seadrift The past three years have come and gone in the blink of an eye; I’ve truly enjoyed interviewing and learning about the people that make up this coastal community. What seems even more difficult to believe is that the Centennial Celebration is now upon us. I can remember hearing about it two years […]

Discovering Seadrift, by Jasmine Gordon…

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 13 Sep 12 - 1 Comment

Preserving History In the last issue of the Dolphin Talk, I had the opportunity to witness a significant part of the Seadrift Fishermen Legacy Project. Members of the project have set out to honor the history of commercial fishermen from Seadrift. The project is very complex: interview local fishermen, create a two-hour DVD, publish a […]

When I started writing about Seadrift in October of 2009 what quickly drew me in were the people that make up the small, coastal community. I had moved to the Texas coast three years prior and I was eager to find out about the soil I stepped on each day as it was truly rich […]

Discovering Seadrift by Jasmine Gordon…

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 24 May 12 - 0 Comments

Jammin’ on the Bay Front, Part 2 As with most things, the longer you are involved with a particular place the more you uncover. It is sometimes difficult to piece the puzzle together, especially when you are not familiar. While Shrimpfesters have celebrated the event for over thirty years, the event originated from a fund […]

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