Many of you who read this little column on things historical here in Calhoun County most likely are also familiar with the Bible. In that case you would know of the Biblical chapter and be familiar with the Book Ecclesiastes. I would guess that the most well known chapter would be chapter three.

It begins: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” Then a list of both beginnings and endings follows. The point is that every thing that begins must have some sort of ending. When talking about such things I often say if you want to do something different today than you did yesterday there is something you did yesterday you cannot do today. Time is basically inelastic. Even though Einstein says it is relative.

The Historical commission’s torch has passed. The January meeting of the commission was the first of the 2013-2014 biennium. In that meeting we elect our new officers. I wanted to do something during the next years that I hadn’t done as chairman. Accordingly the commission elected new officers. Now, some remained the same some also had found a reason to move on.

It has been pleasurable to muse about some of the history of our county with you. The county is rich in things about which to historically muse so the musing was relatively simple to accomplish.

However, there is my other musings and mission to pass along the knowledge that I have about things technical. By this I mean piping and other pressure technology issues. We have a wave of new and young engineers moving into the field and they want some guidance. At least they ask and listen politely.

That will be my main occupation for the next few years . While history is a joy the engineering world is my love.

J. Phillip Ellenberger

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