Town Meeting in Port O’Connor Thursday, March 21

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Port O’Connor’s newly-formed Community Cemetery Association requests your presence at a town meeting to be held Thursday, March 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the Port O’Connor Community Center.

The Association covets your opinions on a variety of issues important to the maintenance and future of the Port O”Connor Cemetery. Topics to be covered include: Proposed Rules; Plotting the Cemetery; General Opinions; and the Status of the Cemetery Association.

If you have loved ones interred in Port O’Connor Cemetery and/or expect Port O’Connor to be your final resting place, you are encouraged to attend this meeting.

Proposed Rules for Port O’Connor Cemetery

1. No glass containers, with the exception of floral arrangements.

2. No vehicles to drive off road for the respect of the final resting place of our loved ones whose makers have been destroyed or due to unmarked graves.

3. All grave boarders must be approved by the Port O’Connor Community Cemetery Association. (Exception: pre-existing graves will be grandfathered in.)

4. All graves must be marked with placards provided by the funeral home or homemade until permanent one can be installed.

5. Funeral wreaths, easels and baskets will be removed once they become a distraction to the neat and orderly appearance of the cemetery. Family members will be contacted prior to removal. Potted plants and fresh flowers will be the responsibility of the family members to remove once the plant dies or becomes wilted.

6. Port O’Connor Community Cemetery Association will be sensitive to the cultural beliefs of all families. Religious statues and figurines will be allowed and must be placed at the head of the grave and not interfere with the mowing and maintenance of the cemetery.

7. Artificial flowers must be placed in a non-glass vase or pvc pipe at the head of the grave as not to hinder the mowing of the cemetery.

8. The Port O’Connor Community Cemetery is the resting place of many loved ones. Out of respect for those who have passed, no dirt bikes, four wheelers or go carts will be permitted on the cemetery grounds.

9. It is respectfully requested that no alcoholic beverages be allowed on the grounds unless it is a cultural tradition. NO GLASS CONTAINERS, PLEASE.

10. A 10 mile per hour speed limit is requested within the cemetery grounds.

11. Christmas/winter decorations will be allowed between November 15th – January 15th.

12. Port O’Connor Community Cemetery Association will honor all veterans. Flags will be allowed year round. If the flag becomes frayed, a family member will be contacted to either replace the flag, or it will be removed
13. For the following holidays: Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day, and any religious holiday, plot owners will be allowed to place flowers for a 14-day period.

Flowers may be placed at any time the family wishes and the Port O’Connor Community Cemetery Association requests that the family members maintain the flowers or potted plants as to keep our cemetery neat and orderly.

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