Cemetery Mystery

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Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 17 Oct 13 - 0 Comments

The Port O’Connor Cemetery Association Board is in the process of platting the Cemetery into uniform sections and wants everyone to have the opportunity to claim an area for future use if they wish. They have been unable to identify the owner of the monument pictured here and are asking for the public’s help in this matter. It is thought that this statue of the Virgin Mary and the scalloped concrete surrounding it is not a grave, but a marker set up for future use. It is located past the Cemetery entrance, just off Monroe Street and is in section “H”, which is marked by a paver at the far corner near the street. It has been designated as “H-6”. The nearest marked headstone is that of Elvira Ramos Ragusin.

If you have any information to help identify the family that has claimed this area, please contact Bob Allen at 550-7170, Marie Hawes at 920-2322, or any of the Cemetery Board members so the area can be properly designated on the plat.

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