Seadrift School Athletic Awards

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Athletes of the Year at Seadrift School Tori Mikolas and Felix Ruelas

Seadrift School Athletic Awards

Lady Pirate Athlete of the Year: Tori Mikolas

Track Most Valuable 7th Grade: Krislyn Key & Karley Gregory

Track Most Valuable 8th Grade: Abigail Morgan

Volleyball Offense 7th Grade: Anna Sachtleben & Heather Glover

Volleyball Offense 8th Grade: Krislyn Key

Volleyball Defense 7th Grade: Haley Bales and Karley Gregory

Volleyball Defense 8th Grade: Kellie Blevins and Abbi Luna

Basketball Offense 7th Grade: Krislyn Key & Rebecca Barrera

Basketball Defense 7th Grade: Heather Glover & Tabetha Sylvester

Basketball Defense 8th Grade: Abbi Luna & Kayla Williamson

Basketball Offense 8th Grade: Abby Morgan

Cross Country Most Valuable Player: Anna Sachtleben and Danielle Morales

Pirate Pride Award: 7th – Cierra Harper & Heather Glover

Pirate Pride Award: 8th – Torri Mikolas & Savannah Marek

Pirate Athlete of the Year: Felix Ruelas

Football Awards:

Offense Most Valuable Player: Benny Torres

Defense Most Valuable Player: Hector Morales & Benny Torres

Most Valuable Lineman: Will Helms & Enrique Torres

Pirate Pride Award: Casey Wooldridge, Danny Munoz, Damien Cardiel, Rayne Lamphier, Andrew Chavez, Carlos Pena and Angel Chavez

Most Improved: Hunter Mitchell & Antone Nguyen

Basketball Awards:

7th Grade Offensive MVP: Will Helms

7th Grade Defensive MVP: Daniel Martinez

Most Improved: Enrique Torres, Jacob Guerra and Angel Chavez

Pirate Pride Awards: Jairo Castillo, Andrew Chave

8th Grade Offensive MVP: Ethan Wooldridge

8th Grade Defensive MVP: Felix Ruelas

Most Improved: Sean Estes

Pirate Pride Award: Payton Ballard & Will Helms

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