King Fisher Beach in Port O’Connor - Saturday, the 4th of July Cars parked all down Washington Blvd. (on right in photo)    -Photo by Bill Pitts

King Fisher Beach in Port O’Connor – Saturday, the 4th of July
Cars parked all down Washington Blvd. (on right in photo) -Photo by Bill Pitts

Again, I have to say this: I am totally blown away by the team that I have with me serving our community and our Chamber of Commerce, along with my great community and their support of all my efforts.

Thanks to Larry and Sharilyn Carroll for inviting Doug and me to watch the show from their home. As I sat on their upper deck and stared in awe at the beautiful fireworks that were bursting in the air, with some patriotic music in the background, I realized just how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such awesome people!

Early in the year we start planning for our Fireworks Celebration, getting letters and lists prepared to send out to collect the funds needed for this event to happen. Just to give you a rundown of all who make this show happen:

Donny Haynes makes the connection and orders the show for the next year. Darla Parker designed our letter for donations. Bill Tigrett and myself made sure all letters were sent out (along with the ladies that work for me that stuffed and sealed over 3,000 letters. Thank You, Diane Guzman, Carrie Rouse and Alyssa Roy.)

La June Pitonyak collected the mail and gave to the treasurer, Carolyn Garrison, who kept records of all the funds along with Bill Tigrett keeping a log of collections. This may seem like something I should not mention –however this is a huge job for all involved and for these folks, I am very thankful!

Let’s not forget Don and Sheryl Haynes and their setup crew—WELL I am not even going to think I could start with their efforts in this. But will say, “ What a wonderful show 2015 was and am looking forward to show 2016!”

THANKS to Sylvia Rodriguez and Darla Parker for putting the collection boxes out and keeping the monies collected from these boxes and put into the bank.
If you went to King Fisher Park, you would have seen what a great job Darla Parker did with organizing our vendors that were set up for the day. This lady has got a knack at getting this all in order and keeping things running smoothly.

Also, to Jullian Garcia and the County Crew for a awesome job of keeping the beach in order.

Last, to ALL that donated: This show would not happen without you! THANKS !

If you are a business owner please remember to thank these great folks for all the hard work and efforts that bring the tourism to you and make your business grow and prosper!
If you would like to get involved we would like to have you join this great Chamber Team!

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