Once again Bunco was celebrated on Tuesday Evening, November 3, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Center. Serving as hostesses and welcoming Autumn were Pat Ekstrom and Annette Leach with a delightful repast of small desserts and drinks of cider. But plans are now being made for the Bunco Ladies’ last get-together of the year on December 1st. The hostesses that evening will be Shirley Gordon and Mary Ann Claiborne; it will once again be “pot luck” by which each attendee brings a dish of their favorite food to enjoy and share. And during the evening, gifts will be exchanged to the delight of each recipient. Do plan to attend this Holiday Event, and if you are new to Bunco or just need further information, please call Shirley Gordon at the Library, 935-4365 to make arrangements to be there and enjoy that evening.

HOOPER’S BAR & GRILLE is now open as of Thursday, October 22nd to the delight of many of our residents and those from other areas. One of Hoop’s way of giving back to our community was to raffle off some of the first hamburgers prepared that evening with the proceeds going to aid our local school, fire department, and library. And the restaurant menu is delightful; we were privileged to share a special nacho’s plate; the imagination of the owner has been transferred to his excellent food. Port O’Connor is privileged to have a restaurant of this caliber in our area; the interior design and the furniture layout is such that every table has the incredible view of the Bay and passing boats to enjoy while sampling the food. Hours now are 4:00 p.m. opening with the kitchen at 4:30 p.m.; be prepared to attend and enjoy!

The tree will be going up at our Library during the 1st week of December and we will have Ginnie Lichac showing off her mechanical skills in putting the tree together; Mrs. Grace Stone and her daughter Ms. Susan Onishi decorating with the assistance of Shirley, our Librarian and Sue, her assistant. Do come and check out our Library during this Christmas Season; it’s a beauty once again!

TURKEY COOKOFF will be Saturday, November 21, 2015 in Josie’s back yard. If you haven’t got your application in to participate, do check with Eloisa Newsome NOW at Josie’s. If you’ve been to any of these cookoffs in the past, you will remember what fun they are and how much each cook totally enjoys his/hers participation, and how very tempting those turkeys smell while roasting. And besides, someone besides Leroy needs to take home the Championship trophy! See you there!

HOLIDAY MUSIC FROM SCHOOL; once again our Community will be privileged to enjoy the music from our students as they perform at the School Gymnasium on December 17. This Christmas Musicale has been a favorite of our Community for many years. This year, Jenny O’Neill, a teacher at the school, will be training the students in many of the old and traditional songs and carols with a surprise play featuring Santa. Please make your plans to attend this wonderful outpouring of Christmas Spirit; it is really a totally enjoyable evening for many proud grandparents and residents of Port O’Connor.


Early one morning as I was walking our small dog, we stopped very suddenly as standing before us, several steps away, was a blue heron, staring straight ahead. He (?) stood as though mesmerized for several minutes, and then, very slowly proceeded to stalk across the street on those very tall, ungainly legs as he carefully placed one leg in front of the other until he reached his destination: a freshly abandoned fish lying in the middle of the street. We remained very silently still, watching as he scooped that fish in his large beak; then he returned to the other side of the street and quietly stalked down the grassy area while consuming his breakfast. And then, with his stomach slightly full, he flew across the Intercoastal, searching for additional breakfast.
This is a day in our Community, and aren’t we truly blessed to welcome it?

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