When you can leave the dock and wade into a stringer of trout and reds on a clear water flat in the middle of February you know for sure that things are looking good in the fishing world of Port O’Connor, best known as the angling jewel at the end of the road on Highway 105.

Come hell or high water the one thing you can count on in Port O’Connor is fun fishing adventure during February and March. The water temperature is just right, fish are hungry and catching them can be a lot easier than what we’ll face during the hot summer months.

Some of the best places to find numbers of reds and trout are along the islands in 2 to 3 feet of water. Some of the top action will be in the South Pass area and the many backwater lakes down that way. These are areas that you can either wade or drift.

One of the best lures you can use right about now is a 5-inch Shad Assassin in glow/chartreuse or fire tiger. Another proven option is a Corky Fat Boy. The go to color is a glow/chartreuse.

Fishing jigs is the fastest way to find trout and reds feeding on the flats. This is a lure that you can fish fairly fast while covering a lot of water in a hurry. A 1/8 or 1/16 ounce jig head is best. After fishing the POC flats for over 40 years I’ve found that jig head color doesn’t seem to be a factor. An unpainted head seems to work just fine. What does seem to matter is the color of the tail.

A Corky Fat Boy has caught a heck of a lot of big trout over the past decade. But it’s a lure that can be tough to fish. It’s a slow sinker and one that you want to fish much, much slower than a jig. It’s a mullet imitation lure that mimics baitfish that big trout predominantly feed on during winter months.

Or course, there is no way we can get into winter fishing without talking up topwater lures. And the one that has been a go-to option for decades is a Super Spook. The One Knocker is very popular, as is the Spook Jr. Three excellent cold water colors are clown, pink/silver and bone/silver.

Here’s to good luck to you out on the water. And if you’re looking for an easy and relaxed day of fishing with an experienced guide give me, Capt. Robert Sloan, a call at 409-782-6796, email – or check out my web site at


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