Lib Media, Trump, and Islam

While the Media continue to report the Non-News of accusations of the ‘Russia Trump Collusion’, and endless investigations that result in the same conclusion – no evidence of anything substantial with the 2016 election or any National Security breaches, they ignore the good news. Just the threat of enforcing the Immigration Laws has reduced Illegal Immigration by some 70%, and ICE actually arresting and deporting illegals that commit crimes here has frightened many from collecting Welfare. And there are some self-deporting, probably the more successful ones who have saved substantial capitalization, and will now go home to start a business.

Trump has brought back millions in business investments and thousands of jobs, starting even before he was inaugurated, but the Media is clamoring for his impeachment. In Trump’s first 100 days, he reduced the Federal Deficit by over $100 Billion (Obama raised it by $560 Billion in his first 100 days, and added more in 8 years than all the previous presidents combined). So the Soros funded gangs, claiming to be Anti-Fascists, riot to stop any Conservative or Pro-Trump speakers, and violently attack Trump supporters and police, vandalize businesses, and start fires. The Media blame Trump and Trump supporters for causing all the violence with their “Hate”. The Media is redefining “Hate” to mean anything that disagrees with the Lib/Prog Agenda and their phony “socialism”.

The latest big “Hate” thing and how Trump is “destroying the Universe” is his getting us out of the “Paris Accord”. The United States has done more to stop pollution than any other country since back in the 60s, and has contributed over $1 Billion to that latest United Nations boondoggle – Green Climate Fund, while the 3 biggest polluters – China, Russia, and India, have given $0. Even worse, China and India do nothing to control their pollution until 2030 and then they must “consider ways’ to reduce it. What kind of a Global Agreement is that? Even if the US could comply, our reduced annual output is added by China every 14 days, and in much worse forms than Carbon Dioxide. And even if all the kerfluffle was enforced, the best projection is a reduction of 2/10ths of a degree in 87 years?

Kathy Griffin’s blood-soaked prop of a beheaded Trump has even grossed out CNN and some of the Hollyweirdos. The D-list pervert masquerading as a comic will do anything to get attention, and she really got it this time. The Islamofascists are at it again in London and Paris. How many more murders and maimings will it take for civilized countries to wake up to the fact that Radical Islam is at war with Western Civilization and has been for more than half a century? You can’t change their minds by being “nice”, they perceive that as weakness, and double down on terrorizing the kafirs into submission. Our schools that won’t allow Christians to pray at a football game, now have “prayer rooms” for Muslims and let them out of class for prayer. This is called “Equality”? A better word is “Dhimmitude”, look it up if you don’t know it.

Trump is appealing to the Supreme Court to reinstate his Travel Ban on unvetted persons from Muslim countries who are known sources and supporters of Islamofascist Terrorism. Since it is a matter of existing Law already giving the President the power and the DUTY to ban people that are recognized threats, it should be no trouble. The Lib’s argument is against what they think Trump’s “intent is”, not what the ban actually says. Trump should win 9-0. But never underestimate the idiocy of “liberals in black dresses” to twist reality and the “law”. If Trump loses this one at SCOTUS, Constitutional Law and our Republic are over. What’s to follow is anybody’s guess. Sharia Law? Revolution? Total Economic collapse? Kathy Griffin elected to the Senate in Califailure?

This past June 6th was the 73rd anniversary of D-day, when young men mostly from the USA, Britain, and Canada stormed the beaches of France to defeat the tyranny and totalitarianism of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Over 9,000 were killed on the beaches in their struggle to restore freedom and Democracy to Europe. Where will we find the men to defend us from the next totalitarian enemy? Certainly not among the current crop of Snowflakes in our colleges and universities today. How did it get this bad? The Lib/Prog control of ‘Education” and the Media.

See: – PBS and the New York State Education Dept teaching Islamofascist political Islam to Public School Teachers to use in schools. Excerpts from the above include “over the last decade PBS has been creating pro-Islamic material for students, including lessons such as “The Five Pillars of Islam” and “Salat: Prayer in Muslim Life.” However, “Dying to be a Martyr” is the most egregious lesson plan revealed so far, and encourages American students to sympathize with Islamic suicide bombers. The “Dying to be a Martyr” lesson is one of the largest offered by PBS and contains 40 course materials. In one section teachers are instructed to ask students what Israel has done to deserve the suicidal attacks.”

So while Europe is under constant Islamofascist attack, the Sharia ‘Fifth Columnists’ in ‘Media’ and ‘Education’ are undermining our schools, brainwashing our children into “dhimmitude”, and self doubt about western civilization. And a Lib/Prog perverted Court System continues to fill the country with unvetted Jihadists posing as refugees. The Lib/Progs are so intent on destroying Trump and Christian influence, they are willing to help the Islamofascists destroy us. I tell you, it is a Mental Disease and getting terminal.

The Lib/Progs try to defeat any reasonable efforts to stop the Islamofascist violence. Poland and a few other Eastern European ex-Communist countries seem to “get it”, but not the “Liberal West”. At least the Politicians and the Media DON’T! I think The People do. Trump is the solution, or at least “a symptom” of The People’s concern with the problems and their frustration with the Lib/Prog & RINO “Status Quo”.

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How are your tomatoes growing?

June 23rd, 2017 at 4:30 am

“If Trump loses this one at SCOTUS, Constitutional Law and our Republic are over. What’s to follow is anybody’s guess. Sharia Law? Revolution? Total Economic collapse?”

Oh no! Call the militia! But whatever do we name it? Well, I’ve spent some time thinking on that….

Top 10 Names for Bill’s Militia
1) One Guy and a Gun, or more simply,
2) Bill
3) Club 21
4) Calhoun’s Crazies
5) Guns N’ Goons
6) Buncha Old Guys Saying Something
7) Last Weeks News
8) Deplorable Minions
9) Pussy Patrol
10) Trump’s Nuts

June 23rd, 2017 at 4:50 am
Karla B

For awhile there, I was starting to think you were really Margaret Kaufman, who trolls for, but this time it sounds more like you just should not ‘imbibe’ before you decide to post. Your comments rarely have a thing to do with the topic in question, and now they are mostly always attacks on Mr. Brayshaw personally. This one was just kinda silly, with your childish snickering about ‘the militia’, but as a ‘progressive capitalist’ as you proudly declare yourself to be, maybe you really would prefer Sharia-law, or socialism, or perhaps even communism to a Constitutional Republic, since of course you would want to be at the top of the heap, giving the orders, rather than being one of the productive taxpaying citizens who keep this country running in spite of all the obstacles the Democrats throw our way on an hourly basis these days.

June 24th, 2017 at 9:15 pm
Bill Brayshaw

Karla, Thank You for your comment and support.
And I will try to expand on it by explaining some of the “news” that has come to pass in the two weeks since this article was written.
Everyone knows about the attack on the Republican baseball team, and it should be obvious that the vicious propaganda of the “Lib Left” encourages this behavior in their weaker minded and morally bankrupt followers. Obviously this is intentional because they keep doing it, after a brief 24 hour respite of pretended sadness.
The Lib/Prog Socialist Totalitarians have nothing left but insults, false accusations, innuendos, and lies to fool the Simple Minded Humanoids that still follow the “Liberal” path to economic, social, and moral bankruptcy.
They can offer no path to repairing the damage they have caused over the past decade, so they only can work towards greater destruction as the “Obstruction Party” and “resisting” any effort to repair the damage or rebuild for the future.
The Socialist Democrat Party, after losing the elections under the
misguided “leadership’ of “Hillary the Kleptocrat” and all the Obamunist political poseurs, has become nothing but gangs of frustrated losers,
greedy parasites, and misfits that want to blame “America” for their own failures. Most Americans are sick and tired of it, and sick and tired
of being sick and tired. THAT is why Trump won. A little common sense, telling the obvious truth about obvious problems, mostly caused or
worsened by Lib/Prog Democrat “Agendas” definitely helped, but the “Not Hillary, Not Lib/Prog Ideologue, and Not a Professional Politician
(RINO)” brand is what really worked. The Lib/Progs, their Media Propaganda Machine, and the ‘Entire Political Establishment’ (especially the RINOs) tried to accuse him of everything from the “Killing of Cock Robin” and the “Death of the Lindberg Baby” to “RACIST!”, “Hatred of Women!”, and “Hatred” of The Poor, Muslims, homosexuals, sick people, Grandma, and everyone’s dog. It is all lies, and only believed by self-deluded & Simple Minded Humanoids that WANT TO BELIEVE in HILLARY and anything the Lib/Prog Alinskite Anti-American Community Organizers can make up.
They hate Trump! Because he beat Hillary, and CNN & MSNBC tell them to hate Trump! So there! (with a stomp of their little footsie!)
And therefor they hate anyone that voted for Trump or support any of his programs. Especially anything that might actually help America.

They are all pissed because they LOST! After 10 years of getting away with practically anything and everything, THEY LOST! BAWAAAAH!

And they lost their minds as well as the Election. They have become the “Obstructionist Party” and are even further radicalizing their social misfits, Revolutionary Marxists, Radical Muslims, and semi-criminals that make up much of their “Core Constituencies”. They now openly call
for assassination of Trump and any Republican that even pretends to support him. Beat-downs on an suspected Republican Voter and even 11 year old Barron Trump! (a new low for Machine Democrats, and even Marxists.) And now their Theoreticians in Academia are calling for genocide against all white people, and some of them are White! All
proving again that Liberalism is a Mental Disease.

For a brief explanation see:

June 25th, 2017 at 3:03 pm
Bill Brayshaw

Also the Lib/Progs “Epic Failure” and their Hatred/denial of the Trump Presidency is leading them into picking a very unnecessary fight with Russia. Possibly a cataclysmic one, because we should be uniting with Russia to contain and destroy Islamofascist terrorism. We should be encouraging them to be ‘the power’ in that region and to get what they have wanted for generations – warm-water ports in the Med and Arabian Sea – to encourage their trade and influence in their region – IF they will stop destabilizing influences in the Western Hemisphere. Trade and energy related exports to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East should keep them busy for generations. Islamofascism is a greater threat to them because of proximity and history and their other “Natural Enemy” is China, not us.

It is incredibly stupid for the Lib/Prog Dems to pick a fight with Russia over their losing the election because of their own bungling and backing a “Total Loser” as their candidate. But they must blame someone, they refuse to take any responsibility for anything, always demanding more power, more tax money to waste, and greater control over larger segments of the economy to “fix” the things they screw up. The “Housing Bubble” & Mortgage Meltdown, and ObamaCare & Rising Healthcare Costs with Medical Insurance becoming more unaffordable for more people than ever before, are the two “Biggies” economically. The Expansion of the Welfare State is intentional, of course, but still very damaging to the general welfare and economy. But the Lib/Progs don’t care about that, only getting more Power and more dependency on Govt, and divisiveness between ‘identifiable groups’ is their vehicle. It is all part of The Plan, and ‘Cloward Pivens Strategy’ of economic destruction of America to bring about a Lib/Prog Socialist victory is still very much Plan B.

For more info on the Russia Problem and the solutions, see:

The “Problems” with Russia are a direct result of Obama and the Globalists meddling in previous Soviet States and moving NATO right up to their doorstep. And they did it because Obama was “disrespected” by Putin because Putin saw him as a “girly-man” and a traitor to his own country.
Russia was just recovering from a huge recession, and was already suspicious of and resisting the Globalist totalitarianism. Russians are a suspicious and somewhat paranoid people, (with good reason if you read history), especially of European military expansionism, and with NATO newly encouraged by the idiot Obama, what do you expect? Putin’s popularity was doubled by Obama’s egotistical ignorance of history. And Putin is not some limp-wristed Libtard Community Organizer blow-hard. And the young Russians are not Lib/Prog Snowflakes. But the DemonRat “Leadership” are too damn dumb to see it, or even pay attention. World War One was started by a few fools listening to a bunch of idiots’ political posturing, and this current crop of self-centered nincompoops are skating on a slippery slope and don’t care about anything but showing off for their idiot followers. Most of whom are too poorly educated to know anything about WW Uno and too damn dumb to care.
Those who are too arrogantly stupid to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Probably with even worse results. The Islamofascists and China would love to see that happen in Europe.

June 25th, 2017 at 3:40 pm

The world is ending and it is all Obama’s fault. Again.

June 25th, 2017 at 7:55 pm
SMH = A pro Russian site founded by a Bulgarian who was barred from his hedge fund job for insider trading.
AngryPatriotMovement = Journalists and researchers have associated the patriot movement with the right-wing militia movement[4] and some in the movement with illegal acts of violence.[1][5][6] United States law enforcement groups “call them dangerous, delusional and sometimes violent.”[7]
Shame on you Dolphin Talk, you can do better.

June 26th, 2017 at 6:51 am

And I modify the above:

1) A Guy, His Gal, and Their Guns
2) Date Night

June 26th, 2017 at 6:53 am

Karla B.

“rather than being one of the productive taxpaying citizens who keep this country running in spite of all the obstacles the Democrats throw our way on an hourly basis these days.”

My tax bill last year was almost 6 figures. As I have repeatedly stated on Mr. Brayshaw’s columns, I pay that as a patriot. Proud to be making an impact in peoples lives, like my 45 employees (all of whom make over $15 an hour). Proud to be providing something that people enjoy purchasing. Proud to write that check. Proud to be an American.

But being a good American does not equal paying less taxes. Being a good American means finding a way to make sure all Americans have access to good education, healthcare that does not bankrupt a family, and if poor or disabled, a safety net that provides enough to live on when all else fails. Being a good American is providing jobs for people, and not worrying what the tax rate is for bringing in offshore money. What the what? It’s like a Whimpy Burger. I’ll be a good American tomorrow if you pay me today. Some of us have been good Americans all along.

To be clear, I don’t want this tax cut that is being proposed. But I will benefit greatly if it does. Others will suffer. This is the decision of our government to make. I’d rather see people be able to live in a nursing home if they are alone, sick, poor, handicapped or elderly, and can no longer live independently.

June 26th, 2017 at 7:11 am

“Dying to be a Martyr” is over 10 years old. Good lord, that was the Bush times, Sugar. Do you ever stop chewing on these bones?

June 26th, 2017 at 5:49 pm
Bill Brayshaw

Project Veritas shows CNN knows the Trump-Russia Collusion Story is “BS”, they know it is BS, and they keep pushing for the ratings and the money.

Some Fake News sells.
Any reports of any anti-black racism or “Islamophobic Attacks” are instantly given full play in the Media, but under any investigation MOST prove to be hoaxes. Done for Media Attention and hopes of financial gain. But, does the Media report the Hoaxes? Very quietly, if at all.

Very selective “news” reporting is why the Lib/Prog media are called lying propagandists and Fake News. Project Veritas has named this report “AmeriKan Pravada” for this reason.

People that watch Fake News because they like to hear lies about Trump, Republicans, or Conservatives Constitutionalists are as bad or worse than people that follow extremists like Alex Jones. Alex Jones does break very disturbing stories an uncomfortable percentage of the time in his paranoid searches and rants. “Paranoia” is an understandable, if impractical, reaction to planned, intentional & knowingly lying propaganda by the Fake News that is there to destroy a democratically elected Administration.
So is demonizing sites like Breitbart and many others that are mostly reporting news gathered by on-site news sources that are often ignored by the “Mainstream Media”. The Lib/Progs have pretty much redefined “Mainstream” to actually mean “Far Left Lib/Prog”. That is what Chuck Schumer means when he says “Mainstream Judges”, is really leftist Lib/Prog Activists. Of course Lib/Progs, and their Media, don’t like anyone that exposes their lies, and their immediate Alinskyite reaction is to marginalize and try to demonize anyone that opposes them. Believing the MSM, is not only self-deluding and simple minded, it is lazy! The MSM has proven their own guilt over the past 10 to even 30 or 50 years. But especially the last 10 years.

Note – Even the Lib/Progs at SCOTUS had to condemn the Far Left Lower Courts for ruling against “Trump’s Muslim Ban” under the Constitutional “Separation of Powers”. These Leftist Activists are trying to usurp the powers of Commander-in-Chief, whose primary duty is to defend the People and borders of the United States.
That is also the REAL ISSUE in the “Immigration Debate”. Immigration Laws that were lawfully passed by Congress and signed into Law by past Presidents must be enforced! Not changed by Bureaucratic “non-enforcement”, or unlawful Judicial “interpretation”, sleigh-of-hand, or flagrant usurpation of power. All the branches of the Federal Govt need to get back to their sworn DUTY- enforcing the Constitution.

June 27th, 2017 at 10:56 am

It means NOTHING to be a millionaire anymore, gotta save more money to keep up with those in Trump’s team who cannot remember where they’ve stashed their 100’s of millions of dollars. How exactly does anyone forget that you might ask? Exactly.

June 28th, 2017 at 7:57 am

I don’t read all of Mr. Brayshaw’s posts on the Dolphin Talk webpage, but I do note, invariably, when I do read a post, how you respond with innuendo, ridicule, harassment and defensive posturing for anything and everything opposed to Mr. Brayshaw’s writings. I continue to wonder if you are capable of putting legitimate thought processes together on your own, or…..are you merely capable of (invariably incompetent) responses to valid thought processes of others? Particularly Mr. Brayshaw’s. Are you that jealous of Mr. Brayshaw’s ability to put a series of thoughts on paper/online without the aid of others? I too am a multi-millionaire, but rarely put that fact online or anywhere else for anyone to see or make note of. However, you seem to have that as your ONLY positive thought when refering to yourself. You incessantly brag upon yourself, as if that puts substance toward your thoughts, without any substantive proof other than your word. And, from what I have been able to determine from your responses in this venue, your words hold very little substance.

Mr. Brayshaw, continue to bring forth your thoughts in regards to your various concerns and knowledge base, because there are those who actually care about the same things. We may not always make responses, but we continue to find your words of truth very refreshing.

June 28th, 2017 at 8:30 am
Bill Brayshaw

Thank you, Mike, for your kind words of encouragement. I remember from you previous comments that you consider “responding to trolls” a waste of time, and I agree with you. And try to follow your advice to simply ignore her/it, but sometimes it gets past just obnoxious and harmful into dangerously anti-civilization. I owe it to Joyce and our Readers (hopefully there are some) to try and expose Lies and Political Corruption, especially when it covers up real EVIL.
This Small Minded (barely) Humanoid got below the ****-line when she/he/it takes the side of a radical (paid?) Lib/Prog operative working for a Marxist/Alinskyite org that is willing to help sex-trafficking criminals smuggle in under-age Latinas to use as forced prostitutes because he thinks they are Lib/Prog voters and potential donors. Granted, O’Keefe and friends were taping without permission, but were not gathering evidence for trial, but simply demonstrating the mind-set of the professional organizers of ACORN.
This SMH clearly defends the sleazy Lib/Prog operators who willfully aid a criminal enterprise for some imagined Democratic/Socialist Political gain, against O’Keefe who was simply giving the ACORN people an opportunity to expose their moral bankruptcy, and greed for votes, political power, and donations, even from a pimp running young illegal alien girls as sex-slave prostitutes.
SMH clearly shows that her moral Bankruptcy is equal, if not greater than those sleazy Marxist scum-bags, because she should know better. She claims the be an educated, affluent, successful, adult woman, and a Feminist! So how can she possibly celebrate these ACORN creeps getting away with trying to aid such an awful criminal enterprise and not turn them in to the POLICE! It is inhuman, and completely at odds with everything she says she stands for, but is typical of today’s Socialist Democrats. “The End Justifies the Means” & the pursuit of power “By Any Means Necessary”.
Lying about the facts in the case is obviously no problem for her. I think she has done it consistently in this site, and not out of ignorance, but WILLFULLY, KNOWINGLY, and INTENTIONALLY!
The Truth is very hard to find in today’s politically corrupted Media. I get fooled sometimes, or just make mistakes, but I try to get to the truth. She intentionally tries to muddy the water, or simply bait and insult me for trying. She has totally destroyed her credibility on this one. As if she had any to begin with.
Anyway, thanks again for your encouragement, and your confidence. I try hard to live up to your high expectations.

June 28th, 2017 at 9:50 am

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