Lib Media, Trump, and Islam

While the Media continue to report the Non-News of accusations of the ‘Russia Trump Collusion’, and endless investigations that result in the same conclusion – no evidence of anything substantial with the 2016 election or any National Security breaches, they ignore the good news. Just the threat of enforcing the Immigration Laws has reduced Illegal Immigration by some 70%, and ICE actually arresting and deporting illegals that commit crimes here has frightened many from collecting Welfare. And there are some self-deporting, probably the more successful ones who have saved substantial capitalization, and will now go home to start a business.

Trump has brought back millions in business investments and thousands of jobs, starting even before he was inaugurated, but the Media is clamoring for his impeachment. In Trump’s first 100 days, he reduced the Federal Deficit by over $100 Billion (Obama raised it by $560 Billion in his first 100 days, and added more in 8 years than all the previous presidents combined). So the Soros funded gangs, claiming to be Anti-Fascists, riot to stop any Conservative or Pro-Trump speakers, and violently attack Trump supporters and police, vandalize businesses, and start fires. The Media blame Trump and Trump supporters for causing all the violence with their “Hate”. The Media is redefining “Hate” to mean anything that disagrees with the Lib/Prog Agenda and their phony “socialism”.

The latest big “Hate” thing and how Trump is “destroying the Universe” is his getting us out of the “Paris Accord”. The United States has done more to stop pollution than any other country since back in the 60s, and has contributed over $1 Billion to that latest United Nations boondoggle – Green Climate Fund, while the 3 biggest polluters – China, Russia, and India, have given $0. Even worse, China and India do nothing to control their pollution until 2030 and then they must “consider ways’ to reduce it. What kind of a Global Agreement is that? Even if the US could comply, our reduced annual output is added by China every 14 days, and in much worse forms than Carbon Dioxide. And even if all the kerfluffle was enforced, the best projection is a reduction of 2/10ths of a degree in 87 years?

Kathy Griffin’s blood-soaked prop of a beheaded Trump has even grossed out CNN and some of the Hollyweirdos. The D-list pervert masquerading as a comic will do anything to get attention, and she really got it this time. The Islamofascists are at it again in London and Paris. How many more murders and maimings will it take for civilized countries to wake up to the fact that Radical Islam is at war with Western Civilization and has been for more than half a century? You can’t change their minds by being “nice”, they perceive that as weakness, and double down on terrorizing the kafirs into submission. Our schools that won’t allow Christians to pray at a football game, now have “prayer rooms” for Muslims and let them out of class for prayer. This is called “Equality”? A better word is “Dhimmitude”, look it up if you don’t know it.

Trump is appealing to the Supreme Court to reinstate his Travel Ban on unvetted persons from Muslim countries who are known sources and supporters of Islamofascist Terrorism. Since it is a matter of existing Law already giving the President the power and the DUTY to ban people that are recognized threats, it should be no trouble. The Lib’s argument is against what they think Trump’s “intent is”, not what the ban actually says. Trump should win 9-0. But never underestimate the idiocy of “liberals in black dresses” to twist reality and the “law”. If Trump loses this one at SCOTUS, Constitutional Law and our Republic are over. What’s to follow is anybody’s guess. Sharia Law? Revolution? Total Economic collapse? Kathy Griffin elected to the Senate in Califailure?

This past June 6th was the 73rd anniversary of D-day, when young men mostly from the USA, Britain, and Canada stormed the beaches of France to defeat the tyranny and totalitarianism of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Over 9,000 were killed on the beaches in their struggle to restore freedom and Democracy to Europe. Where will we find the men to defend us from the next totalitarian enemy? Certainly not among the current crop of Snowflakes in our colleges and universities today. How did it get this bad? The Lib/Prog control of ‘Education” and the Media.

See: – PBS and the New York State Education Dept teaching Islamofascist political Islam to Public School Teachers to use in schools. Excerpts from the above include “over the last decade PBS has been creating pro-Islamic material for students, including lessons such as “The Five Pillars of Islam” and “Salat: Prayer in Muslim Life.” However, “Dying to be a Martyr” is the most egregious lesson plan revealed so far, and encourages American students to sympathize with Islamic suicide bombers. The “Dying to be a Martyr” lesson is one of the largest offered by PBS and contains 40 course materials. In one section teachers are instructed to ask students what Israel has done to deserve the suicidal attacks.”

So while Europe is under constant Islamofascist attack, the Sharia ‘Fifth Columnists’ in ‘Media’ and ‘Education’ are undermining our schools, brainwashing our children into “dhimmitude”, and self doubt about western civilization. And a Lib/Prog perverted Court System continues to fill the country with unvetted Jihadists posing as refugees. The Lib/Progs are so intent on destroying Trump and Christian influence, they are willing to help the Islamofascists destroy us. I tell you, it is a Mental Disease and getting terminal.

The Lib/Progs try to defeat any reasonable efforts to stop the Islamofascist violence. Poland and a few other Eastern European ex-Communist countries seem to “get it”, but not the “Liberal West”. At least the Politicians and the Media DON’T! I think The People do. Trump is the solution, or at least “a symptom” of The People’s concern with the problems and their frustration with the Lib/Prog & RINO “Status Quo”.

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How are your tomatoes growing?

June 23rd, 2017 at 4:30 am

“If Trump loses this one at SCOTUS, Constitutional Law and our Republic are over. What’s to follow is anybody’s guess. Sharia Law? Revolution? Total Economic collapse?”

Oh no! Call the militia! But whatever do we name it? Well, I’ve spent some time thinking on that….

Top 10 Names for Bill’s Militia
1) One Guy and a Gun, or more simply,
2) Bill
3) Club 21
4) Calhoun’s Crazies
5) Guns N’ Goons
6) Buncha Old Guys Saying Something
7) Last Weeks News
8) Deplorable Minions
9) Pussy Patrol
10) Trump’s Nuts

June 23rd, 2017 at 4:50 am

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