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ObamaCare Opinion

After eight years of “We must pass it to see what is in it!”, we have seen many things in ObamaCare. Huge governmentt bribes to even get Democrats to vote for it. Massive waste in just the computer programs to get people signed up. Drastic increases in premiums. “You can keep your policy and your Doctor.” was a bald-faced lie and they knew it. Policies must include many things the buyers don’t want or need. There is “Health Care Rationing” and the “Death Panels” to decide who gets what, and it is all more “Politically Motivated” than economically feasible. The Leftist Lib/Prog leaders want “Single Payer” Socialized Medicine, ObamaCare was designed to fail, to lead to a “Popular Demand” for that, the “Inner Circle” all knew it, and most helped plan it, while denying that intent.

The more Govt controls heath care, the more it gets expensive, unresponsive to patients needs, delayed, and even denied. Anyone that doubts this simple truth must study the current “Charlie Gard” kerfluffle. Granted, the Cost/Risk vs. Return for Baby Charlie’s case is so negative that his local “Death Panel” had to recommend that he be un-plugged and left to die. However, since the parents managed to raise donations, and some Doctors may want to treat him simply to study his condition with hopes to learn how to cure/prevent it, why won’t the Hospital release him to his parents and allow him to be treated “outside their system”? That is where the ‘Bureaucratic Totalitarianism” comes in. If the Medical Bureaucrats allow Charlie to be released, and he dies in spite of expensive heroic efforts, then that’s OK; BUT if he should live and actually improve, (Marx forbid!), several problems arise. First – the Bureaucrat Death Panel would be proven wrong and Govt Bureau-wienies hate that. Second – The next patient with a similar condition, their family will demand the treatment that was successful, the Death Panel will be forced to admit their job is “Resource Appropriation” based upon THEIR Cost/Risk vs. Return “equations”, and they will have to justify it. Third- if they surrender control in this case, they may lose control in the next one, and Govt Control of HealthCare is all about CONTROL to the Bureau-weenies. That is the bottom line.

From a practical standpoint, ObamaCare is a massive failure. Massive cost increases for most policy holders, huge deductibles that often make their “insurance” worthless, coverage they don’t want or need, and carriers cancelling and quitting the ObamaCare system. More people uninsured, or with less usable insurance at much greater cost, and difficulty finding a “Plan assigned Dr.” that will see them in a reasonable length of time. But it IS a huge ‘political victory’ for the Lib/Prog/Dems, and they are NOT going to support any Republican efforts to change and improve it. Any Dem that votes with the Repubs will be labeled as ‘a Traitor’, and will become a “Non-person” for campaign help in the next election, or might even face “Party Organized” opposition in the primaries. ObamaCare is a Party “Sacred Cow”, and will stay so until it is repealed, or drives the Federal Govt into bankruptcy. Period. Therefore, it must be repealed before there will be any effort by any Dem Congresscritter to help the Repubs replace it. The Dem Party “Inner Circle” has decided that as long as they can prevent the repeal or change of ObamaCare, THEY WIN, and to hell with the costs, the actual value of of the “coverage”, or the deteriorating quality of the medical care. It is the ‘Political Victory’ of ObamaCare that counts.

If you want decent quality in Health Care, the CongressCritters and their Bureaucrats must be forced to participate. If they and their families are exempt, it doesn’t really matter to them, and stays a “political football game”. We need to protect the Free Market System and separate out the Govt Socialized System so beloved by the Lib/Prog political wonks. But Conservatives must face the fact that some form of Govt Care is inevitable. And the Libtards must realize that anything that must be taken from one person to give to another is not a “Right”. People getting “Free” care do NOT have a “Right” to Doctor choice, or the same level of care as people who pay for it or have the real Insurance to pay for it, and especially don’t get “elective” treatments like abortions and “gender re-assignment surgery” at other people’s expense. That is simply a “Collectivist’s” Fantasy – everything for everybody supplied (by magic?) by Big Mommy Govt? Ain’t happening!

The ‘Quick Fix’ is make everyone that votes for ObamaCare sign up for it, cancel all the Cadillac Congressional HealthCare perks.

Govt interference raises costs. Bureaucracy increases waste, and the potential for fraud. Medical Malpractice fraud is so rampant it is a game. Insurance Companies would rather make “small” pay-offs rather than fight it out in trials, and that encourages more “low-risk’ fraudulent claims. Using the Free Market Insurance model for Govt supplied Medical Care only increases the Fraud. Govt money should be spent directly on care, not insurance. If there is to be Govt mandated HealthCare it must be multi-tiered. Free Market Insurance for those that want it and can buy policies that cover what they want, not what some Political Committee says “everyone” must have. Gov’t workers should pay for the insurance plan they choose, not be given a Gold Star Cadillac Plan with no direct costs. All plans should have co-pays. There should be more choice of Over The Counter medicines, remedies, and preventatives. “Alternative Medicines” should be freely allowed and even encouraged if less expensive and still effective. And if we are to have Govt Health Care, let it be run by the Public Health Service directly and encourage On The Job Training in a para-military environment to provide disciplined experienced medical workers to the Free Market System, as well as opportunities to motivated young people that can’t afford the expense of a conventional Medical education. That efficient, low cost care would find many patients among those that could pay, either ‘out-of-pocket’, or collect from their insurance later.

“Net Neutrality” Everyone concerned about Internet Free Speech and reasonable costs, please see: https://advocacy.mozilla.org/net-neutrality-comments/?sp_ref=318072483.352.181032.e.576755.2&source=email and make a Comment. Help preserve Net Neutrality! Like “Gun Control”, “Information Control” is not about Information as much as it is about “Control”! Big Business, Big Money, and Big Govt controlling the Internet will ruin it. -Bill Brayshaw

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Bill Brayshaw

Any doubts about “free trans surgery” for the Gender Confused: https://thinkprogress.org/wisconsin-transgender-health-suit-7ba7bd9fbfd7
“Two transgender women who are both employed by the University of Wisconsin have filed a federal lawsuit against the school and various state agencies after being denied health insurance coverage for transition-related procedures. The ACLU-led suit follows months of politicking in which the state’s exclusion on trans benefits was almost lifted, but then reinstated.”
“Gov. Scott Walker (R) was instrumental in re-implementing the exclusion that prevents them from receiving care. Back in August, a month after ETF decided to lift it, he ordered the state Department of Justice to urge the agency to reconsider. The letter Walker had sent to ETF argued that protections on the basis of sex should not be interpreted to protect transgender people from discrimination — mirroring the logic of a lawsuit, spearheaded by Texas and later joined by Wisconsin, challenging an Obama administration rule prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity in health care.”

This is not “Health Care”! This is Elective surgery, could even be considered to be “Cosmetic Surgery” because all of it does nothing to change the DNA of the person. They may “appear” to be “female” afterwards but are still male DNA.

This is just another “Socialist Wealth Transfer” from the Tax-Payers to “Lib-Prog preferred constituents”. Another “Totalitarian political rip-off”.
“Gender Identity” is not a “Health Issue”, it is a Libtard Whackdoodle Psychobabble Issue. Either get over it or pay for it yourself!
Everyone is being scammed now. The more Gubbermint, especially Lib/Progs, fool with Healthcare (or anything else) the more expensive it gets. Govt intervention always means more bureaucracy, waste and delays, opportunity for fraud by criminal opportunists, and opportunities for Lawyers like in this case..

July 23rd, 2017 at 11:33 am
Bill Brayshaw

“A Bangladeshi immigrant healthcare executive named Mashiyat Rashid cheated Medicare out of $132 million and spent the money on a mansion, courtside NBA tickets, and secret storage units filled with cash.
The conspiracy was based around bringing in homeless people as patients, sending bogus bills to Medicare, getting drug addicts to subject themselves to unnecessary back injections, and prescribing potent pain medication that would inevitably end up being sold on the streets.”

Just one of the many now being prosecuted under the Trump Admin. Something sadly neglected under the Obamunists.

July 23rd, 2017 at 11:39 am
Bill Brayshaw

Even WaPo has to admit it:

“More than 400 people across the country have been charged with participating in health care fraud scams totaling about $1.3 billion in false billings, including for the prescription and distribution of opioids.
In what federal officials Thursday called the “largest ever health care fraud enforcement action” by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, 412 individuals, including 115 doctors, nurses and other licensed medical professionals, were arrested in a nationwide operation that involved more than 1,000 law enforcement agents in at least 30 states.”

This is just “a drop in the bucket” of fraud. This operation was focused on opioid abuse. If they really go after Medicare and Medicaid overbilling under Obama it will reach “Tens of Billions” per year.
And they haven’t even started on the fraud for medical care of Illegal Aliens (Criminal Invaders).

July 23rd, 2017 at 11:52 am
Bill Brayshaw

And one from South Florida: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/07/22/1-billion-alleged-medicare-fraud-money-laundering-scheme-leads-to-florida-arrests.html
“Three Florida residents have been charged in the “largest single criminal health-care fraud case ever brought against individuals” by the U.S. Justice Department — an alleged Medicare fraud and money laundering scheme that netted participants a whopping $1 billion since 2009, prosecutors revealed Friday.
The owner of more than 30 Miami-area skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, as well as a hospital administrator and a physician’s assistant were charged in an indictment with conspiracy, money laundering and health-care fraud, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Miami said.
An explosive indictment and other court documents filed Friday claim that the massive alleged scam helped wealthy health-care operator Philip Esformes, 47, fund a lifestyle that included private jets, a $600,000 watch, meetings with escorts in hotel rooms, and a private basketball coach for his son.
The indictment claims that Esformes, 47, with his co-conspirators, cycled thousands of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries through his Esformes Network facilities despite the fact they didn’t qualify for such care.
At those facilities, prosecutors said, they also “received medically unnecessary services that were billed to Medicare and Medicaid,” the huge government-run health programs that cover primarily senior citizens and the poor, respectively.’

This is just one ring – among many.
“A Billion here, a billion there, soon you are talking about real money.”
Lib/Prog Dems don’t care. Crooks are a huge source of Campaign Contributions. Many Libs are “Cloward-Pivens believers”, they want the Govt to go broke to usher in a more “Centralized” (Totalitarian), Socialist Federal Govt. with National Health Care controlling all.
The real Death Panels are “Administrators”, “political wonks and Bean Counters”, who set the criterion for treatments based on what they want for age, class, ‘Political Reliability’, whatever. Not the Doctors and Nurses, they want to save everyone. Losing a patient is “mission failure” to them.

July 23rd, 2017 at 12:36 pm
Bill Brayshaw

Illegal Aliens and the Repukes’ ObamaCare 2.0:
“The Obamacare 2.0 bill pushed by some Republicans strips out even Obamacare’s weak protections preventing illegal aliens from signing up for health care meant for citizens.”

Read it, too much to copy/paste.
When you let the ‘Commies’ say that HealthCare is a “Right”, this is what you get.
When you take something (or the money to buy it) from one person to give it to another that didn’t earn it, it is not a “Right”, but THEFT!

July 23rd, 2017 at 12:50 pm
Bill Brayshaw

Even PBS admits there is a fraud problem. This from 2013! http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/how-undocumented-immigrants-sometimes-receive-medicaid-treatment/

And it has gotten a lot worse in 5 years. Groups like ‘La Raza’ are given Govt Grants and they teach Criminal Invaders how to scam the system.
Liberal Activist Judges continue the “Legal Fiction” that children born to Criminal Invaders are citizens. The 14th Amendment states, “All persons born… in the United States AND SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF, ….” (caps added for Lib Judges that can’t see too well)
So how in the Hell can Criminal Invaders here in TOTAL DEFIANCE OF U.S. LAWS and Jurisdiction be given citizenship for their kids? This is total corruption of the meaning of the WORDS! Not just the Law. Typical Lib/Prog lies, and corruption of everything they touch.
And the DemonRats are fighting tooth and nail to defend this “Legal Fiction”! Because they want the Illegals, who will vote for more Socialism if given the vote. Either as “Citizens” or simply illegally registering and voting without having to prove citizenship.
It is plain as a hoof-print in a cow-pie, but the Dems keep lying about it.

July 23rd, 2017 at 1:19 pm
Bill Brayshaw

Until there is enforcement against Law Breakers of all types against Welfare. Heath care will become more and more expensive. The “Socialists” want it that way. The RINOs don’t care, they have their Cadillac System. The Insurance Companies don’t care because they just pass the additional costs on to their customers, and now the Govt. promises to underwrite their losses.
The productive people have to pay for their “Insurance”, even all the crap they don’t want, but still get their taxes robbed and diverted to pay for everyone else.
Until there is enforcement against Medical malpractice fraud and Tort Reform to take some of the huge profit out of those often fraudulent “suits”, medical cost go up because all those costs are simply passed down to the “Consumer”.

July 23rd, 2017 at 1:31 pm
Bill Brayshaw

The Dems are going to have a conniption fit over this: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/07/boom-kid-rock-leads-michigan-senate-race-poll/
“News broke this weekend that Kid Rock is LEADING challenger, Dem Debbie Stabenow in a new poll 30% to 26%!”

July 23rd, 2017 at 9:20 pm
Bill Brayshaw

Obamunist Bureau-wienies weeping: https://www.usnews.com/news/economy/articles/2017-07-20/trumps-maganomics-slashes-regulations-by-the-hundreds
“President Donald Trump’s regulatory repeal efforts have slashed or delayed hundreds of government restrictions during his first few months in office, according to a report published Thursday by the White House Office of Management and Budget.
The document indicates Trump has overseen a total of 860 regulatory actions since he took up a seat in the Oval Office in January – 469 of which were included as part of former President Barack Obama’s regulatory agenda in the second half of 2016.
And the number of effective “economically significant” regulations estimated to have an annual economic impact of $100 million or more has fallen to 58 – half of what it was in the fall of 2016.”
The Dems in Congress refuse to help President Trump “Make America Great Again”, so he is doing it alone. Saving America, repealing one Regulation at a time.

July 23rd, 2017 at 9:30 pm
Bill Brayshaw

Even Libtard WaPo admits:
“Rob Stein, a former senior strategist for the Democratic National Committee, is the founder and board member emeritus of the progressive advocacy organization Democracy Alliance.

Resistance is the appropriate and necessary impulse of Democrats at this strange and raucous inception of the Trump administration. It is also woefully insufficient to address the monumental existential threats Democrats confront.
Resistance alone will not defeat the Republicans’ stranglehold on political power in 30 states, will not affect redistricting in 2020, will not defeat Republican congressional majorities and will not advance an affirmative progressive agenda.
That is because President Trump is not the cause of Democratic travails. Rather, he is the unfortunate consequence of Democrats’ failure to build the modern political machinery necessary to compete effectively with Republicans in key battleground states. Until that happens, Republican dominance will continue.”
What Mr. Stein and WaPo will never admit is Americans are sick and tired of the Lib/Prog Totalitarian Agenda. They want JOBS, not welfare, refugees, & Criminal Invaders. They want real education for their kids, not Social Warrior propaganda, Man Caused Global Warming Hoax, boys in the girls showers, and Drag Queens teaching 1st graders about “Tolerance”.
The Lib/Progs have gone so nuts, they are “at war” with 3000 years of civilization, common sense, logic, and even any semblance of sanity.
Keep it up, Dems! Even some of your people admit now you are in a Death Spiral!
I hope Trump can destroy the Political Power of the Lib/Progs and the RINOs, and especially the Lap Dog MEDIA!
It would be nice to have political parties again that cared about our Republic over Globalism, and Democracy for Our Citizens over Elitists and Illegal Aliens.
Americans want Lawful Elections where Citizens can vote once, and the Dems are fighting even that tooth and nail. They are exposing their own criminality and totalitarian Agenda.
But Trump is teaching the People, little by little. While the Dems and the RINOs self destruct.

July 23rd, 2017 at 10:02 pm
Bill Brayshaw

For those that question MSM Polls:
“The Republican president has a job approval rating around 40 percent. The GOP has an unfavorability rating around 56 percent. And Republicans trail Democrats by nine points in an average of “generic ballot” polls.
All of which makes it notable that the Republican National Committee is trouncing the Democratic National Committee when it comes to raising money, especially from small donors.
The numbers are striking. In June, the RNC raised $13.5 million to the DNC’s $5.5 million.
For 2017 so far, the RNC has raised $75.4 million to the DNC’s $38.2 million.
The RNC started the year with $25.3 million in cash on hand. Now it has $44.7 million. The DNC started the year with $10.5 in cash on hand. Now, that has fallen to $7.5 million.
As of June 30, the RNC reported $0 in debt. The DNC reported $3.3 million in debt.
A look inside the numbers is even worse for the DNC. Looking at collections from small donors — that is, those who contributed less than $200 — the RNC raised $10.5 million in the months of May and June. The DNC raised $5.3 million from small donors in the same time period.
The RNC’s money total is a record — more than was raised in any previous non-presidential election year. That is true for June, and for all of 2017 as well. The $75.4 million raised this year compares to $55.4 million for the same period in 2015; to $51.2 for the same period in 2014; to $41.1 million for the same period in 2013, and so on going back.
“It’s definitely a reflection of support for President Trump,” said RNC spokesman Ryan Mahoney. “Our small-dollar donors are giving at a record pace because they believe the RNC is supporting President Trump, and they like that.”
The obvious reason for the Democrats’ troubles is that they lost the White House, the House and the Senate last year. Now, the party appears to have a particularly bad hangover. One data point: In 2013, after Republicans lost their second presidential election in a row and many believed the party faced years in the electoral wilderness, the RNC still raised more money in the January-June period, $41.1 million, than the $38.2 million the Democrats have raised so far this year.
There is much discussion about the intensity of Democratic opposition to President Trump, and indeed Democrats showed a lot of fundraising enthusiasm in the losing race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District that turned into a referendum on the president. But the fact is, the passions behind the Resistance have not, or have not yet, turned into support for the main vehicle of opposition to Trump, the Democratic Party.
The polls are skewed terribly. Pollster question people in the cities.
The Lib/Progs control the “Media” but are increasingly ignored by the Voters and even seen as ”The Enemy’ on many issues. The Democrat “Strategy” of total resistance to Trump and everything may play well to their brainwashed “socialist Big Govt” constituents, but not so much to people in the “Real World”. Especially those that want reduced Federal Debt, a stable currency, combat effective military, jobs & growing economy for our citizens, less crime, and to stop all the Obamunist “CHANGE” in culture, spending, immigration and demographics,”CHANGING” us into a Third World Socialist hell-hole, like Venezuela or Chicago.
What do the Democrats offer other than “Impeach Trump”? Rapeugees, Criminal Invaders, Massive Debt for the Welfare State, Disarming Citizens, ‘Transgenders’ in the girls bathrooms & showers, and endless “Russia, Russia, Russia”! Total B.S. and National Suicide! Some of The Big Money Donors may support that, but We the People don’t anymore.
Some may have bought the “Pass it to see what is in it!”, but they have seen and they are sick of it.

July 24th, 2017 at 12:24 pm
Bill Brayshaw

The Libs efforts to”Resist” Trump on ObamaCare and Immigration get the news coverage, but on practical stuff are failing:

Vice President Mike Pence: Trump’s triumphs are many after only six months and he’s just getting started :
“In the first six months of this administration, President Donald Trump has fought every day to deliver on his promises to the American people. At a historic pace, this president has taken bold action to restore prosperity, keep Americans safe and secure, and hold government accountable.
President Trump has signed more than 40 bills and nearly 40 executive orders on everything from health care to energy, infrastructure and more.
While the previous administration turned to federal agencies to enact its agenda, President Trump has signed more laws to slash through federal red tape than any president in American history and has saved businesses up to $18 billion a year in costs.
And whereas the last administration stifled the use of America’s vast energy resources, President Trump has put a renewed emphasis on American energy – approving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, rolling back the Clean Power Plan, and putting America First by withdrawing from the Paris climate accord.
President Trump inherited an economy that would barely budge – but under his watch, American businesses small and large have already created more than 800,000 new jobs since January. Company after company is responding to the president’s agenda with optimism – investing billions of dollars in American jobs, American workers and America’s future.
Gas is less than $2 a gallon. More Jobs. Less Illegal Immigration. More Deportations. Food Stamp use falling. 860 Bureaucratic Regulations (many unconstitutional and Anri-American) REPEALED! See #12 above.
And he is just getting started!! MAGA! In spite of everything the Dems and RINOs can do, Trump is making great progress. The Libs could get some of the things they want if they would help throw out the worst of “The Bad Stuff”, but NO! They throw their temper tantrums, lie about almost everything, and vow to “Resist!”. OK, Epic Fail Libtards & RINOs may increase & prolong the pain for the Citizens, but Trump will win. Just will take longer, and more Citizens will see the truth, and the Lib/Prog International Socialists may destroy the Democrat Party beyond any salvation.

Suits me. I want to see a Constitutional Democracy Party rise from the ashes of the present ObamaNation Dem/Soc abortion of a Globalist/Commie “party”. Just may take a little longer.

July 24th, 2017 at 1:12 pm
Bill Brayshaw

For those following the “Transgenders in the Military” insanity, here is a voice of reason and experience:
Former transgender drops TRUTH BOMB on Trump’s ban

“Walt Heyer was born a man, but spent 8 years of his life as a transgender woman. After being fully sex “reassigned,” Heyer regretted his decision and has accepted the gender of his birth. Now through his website, SexChangeRegret.com, and his blog, WaltHeyer.com, Heyer raises public awareness about those who regret gender change and the tragic consequences suffered as a result.
The following commentary on Donald Trump’s announcement reversing Barack Obama’s decision to allow transgenders to enlist and serve in the military first appeared in The Daily Signal.

I think he made the right decision—and as someone who lived as trans-female for several years, I should know.

When I discovered Congress voted earlier this month to not block funding for transgender-related hormone therapies and sex change surgeries, I wondered if it considered how devastating this will be to the fitness, readiness, and morale of our combat-ready troops.

In July, the House of Representatives voted down Missouri Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler’s amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, which would have banned the military from funding such treatments.

Paying for transition-related surgeries for military service members and their families is beyond comprehensible.

Perhaps they have forgotten that our military was forged to be the world’s strongest fighting force, not a government-funded, politically correct, medical sex change clinic for people with gender dysphoria.

Gender dysphoria, the common diagnosis for one who feels at odds with his or her birth gender, develops from prolonged anxiety and depression. People are not born that way.

The “proof” for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria is having strongly held feelings—but feelings can and often do change over time.

I myself was fully sex-reassigned from male to female, and eventually came to accept my birth gender.

I have over 70 years of firsthand life experience, eight years of living as a woman, 20 years of researching the topic, and 12 years of helping others who, like me, found that transitioning and reassignment surgery failed to be proper treatment and want to restore their lives to their birth gender.

Transitioning can be expensive—up to $130,000 per person for numerous body-mutilating and cosmetic procedures over many months (or years) to fashion the body to appear as the opposite sex.

Yet, no matter how skilled the surgeon, or how much money is spent, it is biologically impossible to change a man into a woman or a woman into a man. The change is only cosmetic.

The medical community continues to recommend this radical “treatment” in the absence of scientific evidence that people are better off in the long run. This population attempts suicide at a rate of 40 percent.

Even after the full surgical change, they attempt to end their lives, or tragically succeed.

Over 60 percent of this diverse population suffer from co-existing mental disorders. Consider Bradley Manning (now Chelsea Manning), a former Army soldier who was so psychologically and emotionally unbalanced that he stole confidential documents from the military and forwarded them to WikiLeaks.

The military Is a fighting force, not a gender clinic and should not provide sex change surgery.

Through my website, sexchangeregret.com, I hear from people who experienced firsthand how damaging and unnecessary reassignment surgeries were. For them, the sex change failed to resolve the emotional and psychological disorders that drove the desire to change gender.

Many write after living the transgender life for years. They write to ask for advice on how to reverse the original surgical change and restore their lives to the original birth gender like I did, a process called detransition.

Some service members will come to regret having undergone the surgery and will want to detransition. Where will the military be then? Will the military pay for the sex change reversal procedure, too?

Failed “sex change surgeries” are not uncommon and will drive up the cost to care for the military transgender population above the projected $3-4 billion 10-year cost.

Beyond the financial cost, there’s the question of the service member’s military readiness during their transition or detransition, as the process often comes with a great deal of anxiety and emotional instability.

I know of many who have struggled to adapt to the new gender role for years after reassignment surgery.
In my view, as a former trans-female who works every day with regretters, allowing the military to pay for sex change surgeries will make a mockery of the U.S. military.

Advocates are relentless in their pursuit of making others, via the government and insurance companies, cover the cost of sex change procedures.

If the military had been forced to pay, the advocates would have used this as leverage to press every other entity—both government and commercial—to pay for sex change surgeries as well.

As a person who lived the transgender life for eight years, I can attest that assisting, affirming, or paying for hormone therapies and genital mutilation surgeries would not have strengthened our military. They would only have brought adverse long-term consequences, both for individuals and for our armed forces as a whole.”
Conclusion drawn from many sources:
Basic truths.
1. Gender-benders are ‘nuts’ to begin with. Unhappy, insecure, & depressed to the point of self-mutilation. Even suicide.
2. Transition and especially the surgeries are expensive, debilitating, and time consuming.
3. After “Transition & Surgery” they are often still ‘Nuts’. (I think their expectations of the Transition will solve “all their problems”, but the problems are still there no matter what they might look like. They are still ‘Nuts’ and unable to deal with their mental disease and unreasonable expectations, often even worse, so they are still suicidal.

4. Liberals love perverts because “Liberalism” is a mental disease of unreasonable expectations to begin with. All Liberals want “something for nothing” or some “perfection without effort or sacrifice”. Ain’t happening, Snowflakes!
5. Libs mostly hate the military and that is why they have chosen it for this “Great Social Experiment”.. If it fails and ruins the military, that still is a “win!” for them. If it swallows much of the Military Budget, decreases military effectiveness, ruins morale, and makes the military more unpopular with normal young people, all those are also “Wins” to the Liberal mindset.
6. For the Alinskyite “Community Organizers”, it is even better: Creates more division, stress, jealousy among the troops, distrust of their leadership and govt, so more possibility of mutiny, riot, and revolution in the military. At least destroys its effectiveness in resisting or fighting the “Great Socialist Revolution”. A “Big Win” for them & their Agenda.

July 27th, 2017 at 10:55 am
Bill Brayshaw

15 Million Americans would opt out of ObamaCare.
In support of that, I offer a case told to me by a “single” (but in a “live-in relationship”) woman, 50-ish, with a part-time “govt job”. She has “free” ObamaCare, subsidized by the Federal Govt at some $460/month, but costs her nothing. But her “Medical Insurance” is of no practical value to her, because she must pay out $6000/yr as a deductible before it pays anything. She can’t afford to go to a doctor still. So the Govt is giving an Insurance Co some $6500/yr so they can count her as “insured” under “ObamaCare” with a policy of negligible value.

Excellent definition of ObamaCare for many poor workers with Govt subsidies – medical “insurance” with no value until you are dying. What we need is a Medical Service system that kept people well enough to keep supporting themselves. ObamaCare is of little or no value, this woman could quit her job, go on Medicaid and work very part-time ‘off the books’, like millions of others do. If she does get sick, she will probably have to quit and go back on Medicaid to get any care, because she can never afford the deductible. ObamaCare is a fraud in many cases, like this. As well as a scam for the insurance Companies getting paid off by the Dems to support this fraud.

July 27th, 2017 at 11:37 am
Bill Brayshaw

Re Comment 23
I had an opportunity to speak with the lady mentioned, and it is now much worse. Her worthless ObamaCare “Insurance” now costs her a $23/mo bribe to keep the IRS of her back and the Fe(de)ral Gubbermint pays her Insurance Co $631/mo for keeping her on the “Insured” list. She still has to pay for any and all HealthCare out of pocket because she can’t afford to ever reach the $6000 deductable. So the Insurance Company gets a bribe from ObamaCare for $7848/yr to go along with the ObamaCare Fraud as long as they don’t tell how crooked it is. And $7572 is robbed from the taxpayers, while $276 is extorted from the “Insured”. The $276 is probably equal to or more than the lady actually pays for medical care in a year.
She joked that if she got sick in the fall or early winter, she would have to “tough it out” until after the first of the year to see a doctor so all her $6000 deductible would be applied in one year.
That is “how good” ObamaCare really is. And the Libtards can’t understand why poor working people don’t like it?
If they own anything of value they have to pay the Deductible. If they have nothing, only then will the Gubbermint “help” them.

July 27th, 2017 at 9:31 pm
Bill Brayshaw

Under Obama/McCainCare, John McCain would get aspirins for his “Brain Cancer Treatment”. Maybe when he was howling with pain, Percosets. He is 80 years old, the planned cut-off for serious medical treatments is 75.
If Obama/McCain Care is so great – All Govt employees should be under it. It should be REQUIRED for ALL GOVT and Union Employees everywhere.
See how long it would last then.

July 28th, 2017 at 11:51 am
Bill Brayshaw

Comment #16 refers back to Comment #14. The numbers all got changed.

July 28th, 2017 at 1:17 pm
Bill Brayshaw

Po celebrates:

“A seven-year quest to undo the Affordable Care Act collapsed — at least for now — as Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) kept his colleagues and the press corps in suspense over a little more than two hours late Thursday into early Friday.”

McCain owns it now, too. It will collapse, and then the Dems will be forced to negociate from an even weaker position. They have to give up all the Abortion, Sex-Change, and other “Elective” care and allow access to Insurance that fits the needs of the Customers. The Dems have dictated everything so far. Insurance Companies must be able to compete easily across State lines to reduce costs.
Tort reform is necessary to bring down prices. No Govt subsidies for non-citizens. Must have Co-pays for Medicaid, too. And no medicaid for non-citizens and especially immediate deportation for Illegals.
The Govt is hemorrhaging money wildly with this mess and the Dems don’t care about anything but “Saving Obama’s Legacy”. Let it die its own death. Expand the US Public Health Service to serve the indigent and those that chose cheap medical care and quit over-burdening the Free Market System while breaking the Treasury with unpayable debt.
The Lib/Progs want Govt Health Care so much? Than give it to them – minimal basic care from govt trained Medics. But don’t let them highjack the Commercial Freemarket System. And make the Taxpayers foot the bill!

July 28th, 2017 at 2:56 pm
Bill Brayshaw

The Week the Russia Conspiracy Theory Fell Apart

The Russia conspiracy theory so beloved by the media and the Democratic Party fell apart this week — though it was easy to miss, amidst the chaos at the White House and the collapse of Congress’s effort to repeal Obamacare.

Investor William Browder testified at the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday that Fusion GPS, the firm that had been responsible for creating and pushing the so-called “Russia dossier” against Donald Trump, had been paid by the Russian government to push for the repeal of the human rights sanctions in the Magnitsky Act of 2012. In other words, the Russian government may have been paying to smear Trump with false and salacious accusations.

Until now, the media and the Democrats have proceeded under the assumption that Russia intervened in the 2016 election by hacking the email server of the Democratic National Committee, as well as the private email of Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, and releasing their emails via Wikileaks. They have further claimed — with no evidence — that the Trump campaign may have colluded with the Russians in obtaining or releasing the emails.

The entire theory rests on the ridiculous claim that Trump had invited Russia to hack Clinton and the Democrats when he joked last July about the Russians releasing the emails Clinton had deleted from her illicit private server. (The left-wing HuffPost observed Thursday as the anniversary that Trump “asked for Russian help in the election.”) That joke prompted then-CIA director John Brennan to convene an investigation of alleged Russian interference.
In fact, it turns out that Russia may have been trying to undermine Trump. And it may have done so in collusion with the Democrats. The Wall Street Journal‘s Kimberly Strassel noted Thursday that Fusion GPS has ties to the Democrats — and will not reveal who paid it for the dossier. Strassel asked: “What if it was the Democratic National Committee or Hillary Clinton’s campaign?” The money could have passed through intermediaries, she added.

That means the real story of collusion in the 2016 election could be that Democrats were working with Russia. And that would make sense, given their long history of appeasing the Russians, under both Clinton and Barack Obama.

Or the truth could be that Russia was trying to embarrass both parties, to weaken the eventual winner. Browder told the Senate Judiciary Committee that it is common for Russia to back both sides in elections, simply to create chaos.

Regardless, the Russia conspiracy theory has now collapsed. There is no evidence that Russia was colluding with the Trump campaign. But there is evidence Russia was working against it. And the truth is only beginning to emerge.”
Do you think for a minute this will stop The Big Lie from the Dems & their Media? Yeah, me neither. They have had too much luck with it, and the Hard Core Dem/Socs NEVER give up the BIG LIE! They are still trying to blame G W Bush for Obama’s failures.

July 28th, 2017 at 9:37 pm
Bill Brayshaw


Here’s Why Obamacare Is STILL On Its Way Down, Despite GOP Failure
The “skinny repeal” of Obamacare completely failed – whether you thank John McCain’s treachery or the GOP’s absolute lack of willingness to lose, it doesn’t mean the demise of Obamacare isn’t imminent.
There are several reasons as to how Obamacare is still in dire straights and could see full dismantling very soon:
First and foremost, the regulations and mandates that are intrinsically linked with Obamacare is creating a market wherein health care costs are becoming even more unaffordable than before and soon the insurance market will have to undergo a bailout (not unlike the big banks bailout) so that they can merely be propped up as an industry.
Americans are literally killing themselves to avoid paying the health care costs.
A New York Post article details a 50-year-old couple’s financial struggle related to medical bills, in the wife’s suicide note, she wrote, “We both have medical issues, we just can’t afford the health care.”

Here’s Why Obamacare Is STILL On Its Way Down, Despite GOP Failure

Carter Jul 28th, 2017 11:00 pm 136 Comments
The “skinny repeal” of Obamacare completely failed – whether you thank John McCain’s treachery or the GOP’s absolute lack of willingness to lose, it doesn’t mean the demise of Obamacare isn’t imminent.

There are several reasons as to how Obamacare is still in dire straights and could see full dismantling very soon:
First and foremost, the regulations and mandates that are intrinsically linked with Obamacare is creating a market wherein health care costs are becoming even more unaffordable than before and soon the insurance market will have to undergo a bailout (not unlike the big banks bailout) so that they can merely be propped up as an industry.
Americans are literally killing themselves to avoid paying the health care costs.
A New York Post article details a 50-year-old couple’s financial struggle related to medical bills, in the wife’s suicide note, she wrote, “We both have medical issues, we just can’t afford the health care.”
A second major thing to note, 2018 continues to loom large in the Democrat mindset as a time when the DNC can come back with some level of force, but the reality is that they are failing to keep control of their party. There is no unified mission statement, they are leaning socialist, and they are financially awol, not to mention their failed special elections.
President Trump, despite pushback from so many GOP members currently holding office, still controls a massive support base that is fighting alongside him for his success and are hell bent on voting out politicians that fail to do their job.
The third most important thing to consider is that the same constituency that voted for Donald Trump is so mobilized and so passionate with an ever-growing digital base that liberal-leaning Republican senators could see themselves booted out of office in favor of new blood.
Beyond the new blood, the states are tired of the way that national government is run, so we could see a sub-nationalistic and state’s rights-esque base rise up and attempt to call to action their constituency in an effort to change the face of the American political landscape.
These lower level political positions that President Trump inspired regular Americans to run for can be summed up as “The Kid Rock Effect”.
Ultimately, as the Democrats continue to lose power, the Republicans and other “outsider” candidates have a chance to radically reform American politics.
One of things that needs to be done is Repeal the 17th Amendment. That changed the election of Senators from the State Legislatures to ‘Popular Vote’. The Constitution was designed for the Senior House, the Senate, to represent the interests of the States. Senators were chosen by the State Legislatures and the Repeal Amendment should provide for the Recall and replacement by a 2/3s vote for Senators that do not serve the interests of their State, but are beholden to their ‘Political Party’ or donors. The Senators are given the longer terms of 6 years because they are supposed to be “Senior” or moderating House of Congress. Being chosen by a multi-million dollar Popularity Contest every 6 years is not good and does not encourage them to represent their State’s long-term interests as provided for in the Constitution. Their election by popular vote was a “Progressive” experiment that has failed badly. The Senate is deadlocked by ‘Party Politics’ and it is practically impossible to get an incumbent defeated when running for re-election. Also Senators should be limited to two term MAXIMUM. 12 years is more than enough. Too much time in Washington, between re-elections, strains their loyalty to their State and its Citizens, where it belong.

July 29th, 2017 at 5:28 pm
Bill Brayshaw

In the past I’ve tried to bring attention to the dangers of Voting Machines, as well as not having proof of citizenship to register & Photo ID.
Hackers Were Able To Breach Dozens Of U.S. Voting Machines Within Minutes At Cybersecurity Conference…
“One of the nation’s largest cybersecurity conferences is inviting attendees to get hands-on experience hacking a slew of voting machines, demonstrating to researchers how easy the process can be.”
“The conference acquired 30 machines for hackers to toy with. Every voting machine in the village was hacked.”
And they did it in minutes. These might not be “Top of the Line” but are still being used in some States.
If we want honest election, we must have honest registration, honest ID, and paper ballots. Why are Dems so against it?

July 31st, 2017 at 4:36 pm

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