Saltwater Lodge Outdoor Report by Captain Jeff Larson

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Ms. Glover had a productive day fishing with Capt. Jeff Larson. Wading is the key throughout the summer to box a limit of trout.

Ms. Glover had a productive day fishing with Capt. Jeff Larson.
Wading is the key throughout the summer to box a limit of trout.

The end of June was a phenomenal ending on the Flats and Mid Bay Reefs for Trout, no matter what your style of fishing you prefer. We had some Fast & Furious action most days. The reds were another story. They have been around but most days once you get your trout it was time to head in before it got too hot to fish. July is setting up the same. We have been seeing some great weather. The wind has been just enough to keep most of the morning cool to catch your limit of trout. If you are new to the area, I always suggest hiring a guide. But if you are a do it yourselfer you want to get you a good map and concentrate on the mid bay reefs and spoils. The oil rigs are another spot to catch trout. Seadrift and Port O Connor both have plenty of room to explore and catch a mess of fish.

The bait of choice is still croaker. Croaker soaking is an art not a guarantee. We have had days that the textbook thump and swim off isn’t the norm. We have had to let em thump it and let out some line before you could set the hook and cross their eyes. I get a lot of ribbing from my purist artificial bait buddies but I am seeing them with all these wrist and forearm strap on things because they won’t give bait a try. A fisherman’s arm does get a little worn out after years of jigging tops and tails all day. Don’t get me wrong, on my days off I throw hardware from time to time but by 10 A.M. I’m starting to feel the pain.
If trolling for reds and trout were effective, I would do that to save my arms and shoulders.

POCO Big Boats left this evening. What an Awesome Sight. I really enjoy watching those magnificent boats parade out of the little jetties with their American and State flags flying with USA PRIDE. Even saw a Trump flag or 2. Go Trump!!!

The inshore Teams shotgun off tomorrow morning racing to their secret holes hoping some weekender didn’t stumble on their winning fish. It’s incredible how fast these bay boats are screaming by the house. I usually watch em and stay out of their way but my ol buddy Charles wants to go for a quick top water wade. We will be leaving before the gun goes off and hopefully we wont get in anyone’s way.

Here’s one for you. Captain Ron Elkins set up an all women fishing day earlier this month and it was a blast. Of course he gave me the wild bunch that made me blush between baiting hooks and netting fish. We targeted trout on the reefs and it paid off. The ladies caught their 5 trout and Alicia caught her very 1st shark. It was a 12# black tip. The ladies all had a great time and I’m sure they will be calling Capt. Ron again for another saltwater spa day.

Then the very next day. Another Salty Local Lady decided she wanted to string some trout, so I took Nurse Jessica for a quick wade in Matagorda. We made the 1st wade and finished within an hour or so before the tide came to a stand still. We bounced around a couple of mid bay structures and called it a good morning before she had to go-to work that evening.

Hey, it’s fun fishing with the ladies. My Babes on the Bay Teams and Saltwater Sweetie Teams are the best of times. I call it “Lady Luck”. Plus Ladies listen and follow instructions better than most guys. Guys want to re-invent your technique and try to change things up. My lady customers wait for the THUMP and let the rod tip down for a few seconds. Most guys have watched too much bass fishing and set the hook when they barely feel the croaker wiggle.

We enjoy the daily adventures at Saltwater Lodge on the Texas Middle Coast. We hope that you can come join us and let us take care of you for a few days on the water or in the marsh.

Ladies night out is now turning into Ladies Day Fishing. Then a Spa Day on the weekend.

If you are looking for a great outdoor experience on the water please give us a call. Ask for Scott, he will line out a fun relaxing itinerary for your group. 361 785 3825.

Keep hydrated, buy lots of croaker and take the ladies fishing,

Capt. Jeff Larson 281 217 0399

I would like to give a shout out to Chuck Carter in POC for taking care of all my electronics.

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