The Dolphin’s Notebook

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Citizens of the Week at Port O’Connor School

Week ending September 15: PreK- Dane Ramsey; K- Isaiah Ochoa; 1st- Emma Sanchez; 2nd- Abygail Gonzales; 3rd- Connor Ferrell; 4th- Hayden Buell; 5th- Adrian Ramos

Week ending September 22: PreK- Dalton Wyatt; K- Ana Brown; 1st- Clara Stryker; 2nd- Christian Gutierrez; 3rd- Grace Brown; 4th- Alex Lopez; 5th- Justice Epley

Week ending October 6: PreK- Aliza Dean; K- Kolt Leiker; 1st- Haiden Dean; 2nd- Waylon Thomas; 3rd- Dane Spencer; 4th- Emily Ferrell; 5th- Jackie Gutierrez

Week ending October 13: PreK- Abigail Guttierez; K- Hailey Buell;  1st: Riley Pagel; 2nd- Abygail Gonzales; 3rd- Aubrey Ragusin; 4th- Cole Spicak; 5th- Keegan Short

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