My neighbors Parker and Patty are always telling me how proud they are to be a part of Port O’Connor, Texas. They say it is a great community and so friendly. For many years Patty would hide the kids Halloween Candy after trick-or-treating to protect their teeth from too many cavities. One year, her young teen son found several jars of candy tucked away in a high cabinet. He recognized it from 2 years earlier as his from the last year he was young enough to trick-or-treat. He questioned his mom who had told him it was mostly eaten and the rest thrown out, and she finally admitted to him that she hid it for his own good. Now, every year on Halloween, Patty’s son mails her a good-sized bag of his children’s trick-or-treat candy with a card that says, “Want to say thanks mom for my good teeth. I am now investing in good teeth for my own children. Happy Halloween.” Patty laughs and adds to her candy bowl on the coffee table. Often when the grandkids visit in November they enjoy some of their own candy, but they never know the difference.
Happy Halloween!

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