Saltwater Lodge Outdoor Report by Captain Jeff Larson

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Capt. Todd and Capt. Jeff Larson had the pleasure of teaching these two young guns how to catch trout, reds, and flounder while fishing the Bay Front.

Capt. Todd and Capt. Jeff Larson had the pleasure of teaching these two young guns how to catch trout, reds, and flounder while fishing the Bay Front.

Whew!!! What a disastrous couple of months we had. Thank God we live in the Great State of Texas. #TEXAS STRONG We definitely want to rant and rave about the crazy issues we have been bombarded with but I will leave that for another day and publication. Let’s get down to business and update you on a couple of Heads up Issues then we can dive into the awesomeness of the Outdoors that we so enjoy. The weather has been tolerable to great over the last few weeks. The tide has been crazy HIGH! Yes, we are in Equinox which always happens in the Fall, plus the Harvest Moon and other storms. This just made for some interesting wade fishing trips. What was normally knee deep is now waist deep. And to add to the Wild Weather Pattern, we have had a alligator incident.

Most locals know, but a fisherman was attacked by a rather large alligator. The wade fisherman survived this attack and we hope he has a speedy recovery. And to top that off, Captain Pat Lester was finishing up a successful floundering trip the other night, when he nicked his thumb reaching into his cooler while cleaning a bunch of flounder. Later that morning, his thumb began to swell, get red and hurt. Capt. Kris Kelly quickly drew a circle with a Sharpie around the red spot on his thumb for a reference. The pain increased and the redness started streaking down his thumb outside of the pen mark. This indicated that the bacteria was spreading further into his bloodstream. With very little coaxing from his guide buddies, Captain Pat went to the Victoria Hospital and Dr. Burns immediately put him on several Antibiotic Drips. Capt. Pat was stuck in the Hospital for three days fighting a bacteria that can be FATAL.

Captain Pat also shared that there is a 20 to 30% mortality rate if you do not get antibiotics within 12 to 24 hours.

Over the years, we have seen Vibrio flare up with just the tiniest of cuts or scratches. Knowing most all of the guides down here, we have all come in contact with Vibrio at some point in our careers, so we keep one of these Vibrio Fighting Agents around: Rubbing Alcohol, Diluted Bleach Solutions, Peroxide and/or Anti bacterial soap. By using these as a wash on minor cuts, you can reduce your risk of getting infected by the flesh eating bacteria. I personally use Dawn Anti bacterial soap because it reminds me of my wife (Dawn) taking care of me. LOL.

As this month progresses, we are seeing the annual Fall Patterns develop and changing our focus to other parts of the Bay where the fish transition to after cold fronts push through our area. We are also changing tactics and baits to fill our coolers up with fish.

My personal transition has been from the main bays to concentrating on the Jetties or the Pass. Don’t misunderstand me, the main Bays still have plenty of fish and wading is still the best option to catch ‘em despite the hurdle of Alligators and Vibrio. Shrimp and a popping cork while drift fishing has been a great technique to load the boat. Fishing will remain Good throughout the next several months. You will just have to play the weather patterns.
This is a special time of year for Texans. We can do multiple hunting and fishing trips. The old cast and blast is now in play. We are also getting creative by adding flounder gigging trips or hog hunts at night. There is no rest for the weary!

We just came off of a big combo package which consisted of dove, duck, gig and fish, all in one weekend. The Kevin Jeter Group hosted by Chuck Glass pulled off a memorable weekend at the Lodge and they’re ready to come back for more. Special Thanks to Scott and Heather for their hard work getting the Saltwater Lodge ready after Harvey. Things are getting back to normal slowly, but surely. So give Scott a call and he can set up a powerhouse weekend of Cast’n and Blast’n.

Scott can be reached at: 361 – 785 – 3825.

We hope everyone is doing well and We Pray for a Speedy Recovery. Give us a call if you want a weekend get a way.

Captain Jeff Larson
281 217 0399

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