Drive By Dinner for Donations, Please by Kelly Gee

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You have heard the saying ‘there but for the grace of God go I…’ well, we have all been blessed in many ways, and giving back feels good. So, come give back to a neighbor in need. We told you last month that Linda Tippett and John ‘Killer’ Williams lost their barn and much of their business equipment in a fire recently. They are trying to recover, but it is tough. We want to help them rebuild. So, you have a chance to make a donation, big or small, to move that forward.

On Friday, December 8th from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m., the ladies of First Baptist Church and the POC Service Club will be cooking dinner for you and your family and making it possible for you to help Linda T and Killer rebuild. Homemade venison Chili in tall to go cups will be cooked and ready to go. Delicious homemade cookies will be baked and ready to bite.

You can come in your pajamas or your work clothes, just after your nap or on your way home from work. Drive up to the doors of Fellowship Hall at POC First Baptist Church located at 410 Jefferson and we will deliver one serving or four or even more to the door of your car for a donation of cash or check. You don’t have to get out! No dressing up or socializing required!

All proceeds go to help Linda and Killer rebuild, and you do not have to cook dinner. We hope you will consider carefully what you can do to help and give what you can to help them out. Please make plans and set a reminder to drive by and donate for chili, and thank for supporting those who call our little town home.

The chili meat has been generously donated by our other friends and neighbors of POC, expertly ground for free by Bubba’s Smokehouse, and professionally prepared by some of the best cooks in POC. Huge thanks to so many people who have made this fundraiser possible including but certainly not limited to: Bryan Richter, Troy Beaudry, Noral McCauley, Captain Kirk and Joanie Morgan, Bubba Conrad, Henry Goode, Julie Thomas and family, Jason and Candace Stryker, Weslie Mollere and Eric, Donnie Klesel, David Walker, Jim and Diane Cooley, Mary Nell McGee, the amazing ladies of First Baptist Church, the great cooks from POC Service Club and many more. I would not have room to name all the generous hearts who offered to help, but thank you each and every one.  The chili will be as warm as your caring and the cookies as sweet as your hearts.

If you cannot make it that evening to get your chili, you can go by First National Bank and make a donation there. Tell them it is for Linda T’s Barn Building Fund and they will help you out.

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