Ray Davila Honored by Rose Pena

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Ray Davila

El Senor & Senora Ray Davila and their children arrived in Port Lavaca in March 1954 on their way to Rosenberg, Texas from General Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Originally Mr. Davila’s brother was to have brought them to Texas and Mr. Ray had $100 seed money to start in Texas but his brother was not able to bring them to Texas, so Mr. Davila rented a taxi at the border for him and his family. It cost him $80.00 to get to Port Lavaca. He had family members here in Port Lavaca and they were able to get a one room building across the street (what is now Chavana’s Grocery Store). Some of the family members were the Delgado and Camacho. Their son Alex remembers their first Easter in Port Lavaca. The family had an outing and Easter egg hunt at the LaSalle Monument. That was his first encounter with our beach area, it was cold, gulf coast breeze blowing and trying to hunt Easter Eggs? When he thinks of hunts, he remembers the cold, cold wind whipping them around.

They were going to stay in Port Lavaca till they acquired enough money to complete their journey to Rosenberg – which was their intended destination. But as Alex said, “I guess we have not made enough money yet to continue the move.” But in reality, I believe they found how great and warm Port Lavaca can be and the roots they were going to plant else where took hold here and it was a win – win situation for all concerned. Port Lavaca opened their arms then, as it continues to do so to new residents. In 1954, Alex Davila estimated residency to be about 2500.

Mr. Davila was also a DJ for the local radio station, playing a variety of music, along with a specified hour for Spanish music. I remember hearing him sing along with the songs and also hearing he and Ms. Tina sing in the church choir of OLG.

Not only did the Davila family profit, but also Calhoun County. The Davila’s opened up their shoe shop in 1954 then purchased the hotel from the Bauer’s. Tina and Ray have been strong supporters of Port Lavaca, especially Main Street and the Main Street Theater. Both Ray and his late wife, Tina, were active members in various organizations in Port Lavaca. There was some discussion about doing something with the “old movie theatre” He, Tina, Lewis and Juanice Madden, and Faye Bauer Sterling and other citizens decided to start fixing up the place. Ray grabbed a hammer and got after the front door, in efforts to start the renovation.

Tina and Ray were strong supporters of the Port Lavaca, Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce for many years. They worked in various functions, from serving food, cleaning up, greeting people, to collecting tickets, they were there to help. I am very aware how much they helped the chamber. There were times I needed help at the chamber, since I was the only office personnel at the time, I would call Tina, and asked if she could help me for a little while, never, did she ask what can do I need to do. It was I am on my way, then when she got there, “OK, show me or tell me what to do.” Mr. Ray, is the same way. Not only have they been good citizens, neighbors, stewards, but good friends. It is our pleasure the Calhoun County Culture and Cuisine recognize Mr. Ray Davila as an Out Standing Citizen with the key to the City presented by Mayor Jack Whitlow.

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Chuy Lozano Davila

Congratulations to Mr. Davila, nice inspiring story. That’s how people from General Teran Nuevo León are, leaving footprints in their community as good hearted people. God Bless

December 4th, 2012 at 7:34 am

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