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Footprints & Rusty Hooks by Sue Kubecka

Posted by Joyce Rhyne on 18 Dec 14 - 0 Comments

The final Bunco Celebration of the year met Tuesday, December 2, 2014, and hostessing this event were Shirley Gordon and MaryAnn Claiborne. This evening celebrating the start of our Christmas Season meant a “covered dish” occasion, and on display were appetizers of all kinds, a salad or two, and lots of chocolate when it came [...]

BUNCO! Closing out the year in its own style will be the Bunco Group on Tuesday Evening, December 2nd at 7:00 p.m.  Gathering in the Back Meeting Room of the Community Center, these avid players will start the evening with a covered dish repast and then continue to exchange gifts prior to the start of [...]

The very active Bunco group met Monday, October 6, 2014, a change in date as the members of the Neighborhood Watch System were holding their yearly meeting.  No problem with the change in date, however, as these women were gathered together that evening to WIN and enjoy themselves.  Gathering at the early evening hour of [...]

BUNCO met Tuesday evening, September 2nd in the back room of the Community Center. Hostesses this time were Biddie Hileman and Sally Jones and they greeted everyone with back-to-school kits remembering their many years of preparing such for their offspring. And Sally Ragusin was the winner of most games and Pat Ekstrom, who keeps repeating [...]

The August 5th meeting of the Bunco Group was canceled suddenly due to the illness of hostess Iris Shuh’s husband. Hostesses for September 2nd To-Do have not been announced, but whoever takes over, I’m certain they will have lively imaginations for Back To School time. For further information concerning this fun group, contact Shirley Gordon [...]

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